The Armory

Name Race Class Level Guild Guild Rank On?
Osmoinen 85 Weigher of Lives Officer
Huntress 31 Pixels Member
Lilith 81 Pixels Guild Master
Granuaile 60 Pixels Member
Melonhead 61 Night Storm Officer
Talonspire 85 Night Storm Officer
Gansta 85 Rabid Bunny Mafia Guild Master
Manolas 85
Carlittos 85 Rabid Bunny Mafia Veteran
Darwin 85 Fire N Ice Officer
Stin 14
Sechuman 85 Clan of Shadows void Officer
Lightchylde 68 Pixels Officer
Widgit 8 Pixels Member
Lucille 85 Order of the Phoenix Order Matriarch
Vodkasquirt 85 Bankrupt Officer
Bountiful 85 No Name Band Guild Master
Catchmelol 85 Celestials Officer
Amiga 75
Emmie 31
Chuckie 85 Lords Of Death Initiate
Juni 85 Rabid Bunny Mafia Member
Frapal 85 Rabid Bunny Mafia Veteran
Roefpal 15
Lowlita 30
Horrknee 85 Rocks of Ages Officer
Shelinae 79
Avatar 39 Weigher of Lives New Rank
Iboane 32 Children Of Divine Capo
Basall 63
Klowar 75
Billinilu 85 Clan of Shadows noble officer
Fallia 85
Mystme 52 Rocks of Ages Officer
Coffeetime 85 Rocks of Ages Officer
Mizfitful 85 Rocks of Ages Officer
Isopropyl 85
Anotherman 85 Another Guild Guild Master
Aerra 82 Rocks of Ages Guild Master
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