Server logs (changes that affect gameplay)

Welcome to the Ash Realms! Now on Facebook and New Eden Radio Online!

You will NEED to download our custom Ash Realms Launcher and unzip it in your WoW folder in order to connect, play, and see our in-game custom items!

We currently have 2 Cataclysm (Dark Ash FFA-PvP and Kick Ash PvE 4.0.6a through 4.2.2 playable) and 1 Wrath of the Lich King (Bad Ash PvE 3.3.5a) with various increased leveling/tradeskill/drop/honor/reputation rates, fully scripted dungeons, daily player raids, custom items/quests, aerial combat, dual-spec, and more!

You can see our YouTube video on our main page or by clicking HERE!

Security Alert! Advertising for other realms will NOT be tolerated! Chances are they'd just be scamming you because most players use the same password for everything. Anyone caught doing this 'fishing' will be banned for life! Account security is YOUR responsibility; keep your passwords unique if you ever plan to go elsewhere!

Note: DONATION reward coins are retrieved in-game by logging in any character from the donating account and selecting the option "Collect my donation coins" at the Rewards NPC's in either Darnassus or Orgrimmar near the banks!

Public cussing, threats and discussions about illegal substances is counterproductive to our 'Family Friendly' status and will be dealt with by mutings, kicks and bans as needed. This trash talk is now to be kept OUT of public chat, no exceptions!

- Please refer to the Developer's Blog HERE for newest change-log information!


For voice-chat you can now use Ventrilo (NEW) by following the guide HERE or download XFIRE from their website at: You can create rooms and chat/voice chat using the Xfire messenger! We have created a Guild on the Xfire website for players to join so we can find each other. Once you have registered you can apply to join our clan/guild by going to and click on 'Join Guild'. The admin will verify you and you will be able to communicate with everyone else who has Xfire.