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This is a list of what I am currently doing on the Test Server. I've updated it to be a bit more readable. Just click Show on the section you wish to read. I also use it as a sort of Blog for all my random thoughts/notes about what I'm currently doing. Note: If the servers are having issues or there is something that needs immediate attention, feel free to PM me here on the forums. It goes straight to my Cell which I generally always have near me.

People are free to write in this thread but I do clean it quite often. The post below this shows a list of recommendations for what to work on next. Feel free to write back and let me know things to add to the list.

My testing notes are invalidated at this time as we are switching to a new build and with the new bug tracking system, I will be able to track and roadmap bugs in there. No need for all these lists anymore.

Ideas for the Future:
Custom Battleground
Status: Planning - We've decided on a "King of the Hill" style system as the most likely, utilizing one of the currently unscripted BGs. Moving up the hill to the top takes group effort and the top group at the end gets to fight renditions of Staff members.

Ash Realms Pet Cage
Status: Planning - Trying to figure out a database system for our "Leveling" custom pet. So far, I think I've decided to go with a "Feed" method of leveling the pet. Where you feed it items and depending on the iLevel of the item, it grows. Could expand this to also include Stats gaining by the Type of item you feed it. Bows = +Agility, Staves = +Int, etc.
More Info (per request): The plan is for this pet to be a Guardian (Self acting) style pet meant to compliment a Group or a Soloist. It will be automated with upgradable (and perhaps questable) "classes". These classes will be along the lines of "Support", "Control", "Damage", "Defense". They won't just be dumbed down Hunter pets but can even work alongside Hunter pets. The plan is to eventually also make them interact with each other to be more effective. This way you don't have 4 "Control" pets all trying to stun the same monster (for example). They will have upgradable and customizable skins, spells, stats, and "script intelligence". So, a pet that has "been around" for awhile will execute scripts more efficiently than a newly created pet. It will definitely take a lot of work to get a pet up to say that of a Hunter's pet. But, it is possible. One thing to keep in mind is that even a Hunter could use these at the -same- time as his hunter pet. Complimenting each other. Considering I have a keen fondness of the Hunter class, I would never do anything to jeopardize their viability. I plan to script it to be aware of other Pets (Hunter, DK, Lock, etc). As for their ability to be customized, I am strongly against shoving everything into neat little boxes. I plan on allowing cross spell/talent learning. So, you can have a tank that knows a heal spell (rough example as classes are not set in stone yet). Obviously, the Tank would be terrible at using it compared to a Support class. But, the option would be there.

---How To Properly Test Spells---
I feel the need to add something that should help with bug testers. Most spell values (dmg/heal), trigger spells, percentage bonuses, and pretty much all other values are Hard Coded into the spell. The reason this is important to note is because I see a lot of people reporting "Spell XXX is doing XXX damage instead of XXX". Since these values are Hard Coded, it is not possible for it to just be some random value. It means the value that is hard coded is having the math done incorrectly.

So, you might be asking yourself "How does this matter in testing?". Well, let's make an example: [Glyph of Death and Decay] says "Damage of your Death and Decay spell increased by 20%.". If you go to wowhead and click the Green link after the "Use: " text on the item, it takes you to the spell. The Effect listed states "Set Glyph (520) Value: 1 to 0". This tells you what type of Glyph it is (520) and that it can either be Off (0) or On (1). Clicking the tab below that says "See Also" gives you the Aura [Aura: Glyph of Death and Decay]. This is the Aura that is applied or removed when you equip or delete the Glyph.

Now look at the Effect on the Aura "Apply Aura: Add % Modifier (3) Value: 20". This tells you that the Aura applies a % Modifier of type (3) with a Value of 20. See the % is hardcoded at 20%, so the report on the Talents/Spells DK thread that states that the spell is actually adding 5.2% is obviously not what the spell is doing. You cannot take a Hard Coded 20% and magically turn it into 5.2%. This means most likely that it is applying the 20% to the wrong value. Whether that value is your Base damage rather than fully buffed/modified damage or the completely wrong damage number, it is -always- going to add 20% just not to the correct place.

Following this guide should help you to determine what the spell is doing wrong and what it should be doing rather than guessing. There are quite a few effects that are supposed to add a % but add a flat number instead (these are ones that do not have an Effect name with % in it, unlike the one listed above). Or they call a "EffectDummy" which means it needs to be hand-scripted. They can even call an Effect or Aura type that has not been defined yet.

I hope this helps some of you hard core testers out there.