For Those That Keep Asking 
The plans for the servers are pretty straight forward at this point. There's not much of anything that can be done right now to upgrade to 4.3 because every patch breaks it again..and there are many planned from Blizzard up to MoP expansion. We don't plan on doing any major changes at least until that point.

If you take a look at the Core Devs websites, you'll see that they as well have not been updated in months. This is because it's near impossible to keep up and there are several roadblocks along the way.

I will be revisiting upgrade options after the new expansion comes out..but until then, do not expect any major revisions. As I've said many times already..we both have lives and neither are willing to give anyone else access to do updates..because (as has been proven before) it will not go well.

For the record, I have a 4.3 server working but I'm not releasing it because it causes more crashes and stability issues than anything. It also will take months to add all our custom changes into it. By then, the next patch or expansion even will be out..breaking everything that was done. When Blizzard calms down on major revisions, we will consider moving forward.

Repairs and updates that don't involve 4.3+ are welcome suggestions and I will work on them periodically as I have free time. Ash also checks the bug tracker for quests, items, and other related fixes pretty much daily. It's not like we're standing still..

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Server downtime 
Server had a slight hiccup while doing the monthly drawing pulls. Should be back up and running now and Ash will be in shortly to do the drawings for the month.

Database was getting slightly bloated so Ash ran an orphan query to clean it up. Will not affect any players as it's items/etc with no ownership (and no storage).

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Kick Ash fixes 
Put in a few fixes based on the latest crash logs.

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Dark Ash 
DA was down for a bit. Should be working again.

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Server downtime 
The servers were down for a bit because our host decided to cycle the dns servers for all of our state without informing us. Should be back up and running now.

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So, after two reports of my fix not fixing anything for DR. I put the test server back up to 4.0.6a (man that's going to take forever to set back tomorrow..sigh) and Sap is working exactly as intended:

8secs - 1st
less on 2nd
less on 3rd
finally immune and no effect

Please give some details about what spells you're testing, what server you're testing it on, and how you're testing it. I will leave the test server up for a day or two in case people want to double check there to see if the issue is build related.

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Pushed Some Pending Updates 
I pushed through a few updates that I've been holding off on hoping that 4.3 would be in soon as I've gotten several reports now requesting it. Includes a few more updates to the DR system and other backend stuff in prep for 4.3.

Need to know how the DR is working after this last restart. I don't currently have a test machine since it's set up for 4.3 without a working 4.3 server =/

As for 4.3, the map extractor is finally working correctly according to my tests. I'll start work on a fresh extract/compile today/tomorrow.. Probably won't work again...silly devs.

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Nodda yet 
Sigh, still no functional map extraction/compiler yet. I began transferring over core functions and getting our source ready to transfer in the data. I have the 4.3 maps already but I really need the reader and compiler more than the extractor. Plus, the extractor would be nice in case we need to update to another minor revision.

I've done these things on my own before for other patches but obviously the original author for the core would know more about it and get it done properly. I've got enough things to worry about as it is.

On a side note, my friend is putting out some really awesome 3d artwork for my personal android I guess I'll have to start taking it seriously now. Completely unrelated to the server but..I'm excited about it and don't have any where else to write about it.

My basic Mojo Mobile app has a whopping 325 downloads..heh. Not bad for what it is I suppose. Wrote it for ourselves to use anyway...only uploaded it so I didn't have to keep transferring it over bluetooth to everyone.

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I hate cold season...every time I think I've slipped by I get something. Map extractor still isn't working right yet but I have everything set for when it is.

I really hope this isn't the flu...but it feels like it.

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Well, 4.3 15211 support is just about finished. Still having issues extracting the maps properly but all the other data files are working. Once maps are working right, I can finally do work on 4.3. Been holding off on bug fixing until this is working because I'm going to have to manually transfer all of our thousands of bug fixes into the new core.

Will keep everyone posted when there's more to report.

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