Got the card installed and updated after a long battle with a bad pci express slot and pulling a spare motherboard.

Should be able to start some internal testing on 4.3 tomorrow. Too tired to work on it today.

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New Video Card Status: "OUT FOR DELIVERY" - Soon...

Oh and I added some new filters for spammers, cleaned up the talent page some more, and got the 4.3 DB and Server ready to test as soon as I can finish getting the DBC/Vmaps moved over. Every time I try to access the computer with craps out and my external reader isn't loading the drive properly that has it...probably because it's a lot newer than the external bay. Sigh...

Hoping the card comes soon...tired of feeling like my hands are tied.

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Found a dyslexic typo in the core for Priest Shadow spec (including Mastery). Wonder how that got in there....but I found it while looking at the spec trees for the classes. Shadow Spec is 795 not 759.

Oh well, fixed for next build.

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Talent page on Armory 
Talent page is just about done. Note: Only works on Cataclysm. Currently have the links attached to Wowhead..though I plan on internalizing it later. Just like with the equipment page, icons will need downloaded for any talents that have never been loaded before. So, classes that have never been clicked before will take awhile to load..the first time.

The trees, specs, rows, cols, spell ids, and max ranks are all compiled straight from the dbc. So, there shouldn't be any errors.

Also, noticed even though I replaced online status for GMs with 'GM' that you could still list by online status and find GMs. So, the system will no longer display GMs, period.

Edit: Noticed a calculation oversight on how many points spent per tree. Adjusted it.

Update: Added shading to unused talents, brightness to used ones, and some cleanup of the layout. Adjusted the layout of the Gear page to match.

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Exciting update...not 
Doing some back-end work on the databases and website in preparation for 4.3 testing. I did, however, think about an interesting idea to help streamline but reports and testing. I'm not sure if I'll implement it or not. But, we have the system set up to do it.

I was thinking with the way the armory and bug tracker would be fairly easy to combine the two. So, if you went to look up an item, a spell, or a talent (either through the armory character, spell, quest, or item pages) you could see comments/notes specific to that talent, spell, item, or quest. It would make reporting and finding specific reports much easier. I'm not sure if I want to do that or was just a thought.

I'll consider it further once I finish the Armory..lord knows when that will be. But, when it's'll be tied into every item, spell, quest, and npc in the it would be streamlined. Fairly powerful tool when put together right.

Shrug, I just like to write my ideas down before I forget them.

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I'll Spam Your Face 
So, the anti-spam tools I added put a few more layers of protection but, still didn't stop the manually registering spammers. I've added another fix that should remove that issue permanently.

Spam is for noobs (and Hawaiians).

On a side note, don't FEED the spammers. When you reply to their posts, you bump the validity of their urls on search engines and give me more things I need to delete from the forums, the twitter page, and the facebook wall.

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Video card on my primary dev machine took a dump. I got a new one in the mail dev work on 4.3 is suspended until I get that put in.

I could continue work..but using my laptop is frustrating and transferring the data is a pain...especially setting up the sql and port forwarding..only to have to reset it again in a day or two. So, it's best to just work on something else until then.

I started extracting the dbc/vmap data for 4.3 and got all the opcodes updated. Should be good to go to start getting a 4.3 test server up shortly after getting the new hardware.

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Login server updated 
Fixed the login server to support 4.3.0 - This does NOT meant you can use 4.3 to connect. Just a stepping stone for me to start working on 4.3..doesn't affect users at all.

Just noting in in case anyone was wondering why the login server went down earlier.

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Armory and Stats page clean up. 
Updated the Armory and Stats page to check for GM and not check their online/offline status. Also will not show hidden GMs on the status page.

Increased all paginated pages to 40 per page instead of 20. This change is for Status and all Armory pages. Already added this change to the tracker.

Fixed a couple display issues on Firefox in Linux and IE in windows. Mostly with the bug tracker. Also fixed an issue with pagination on the comments section of the bug tracker..was showing up to 20 but next would only de/increment 4 at a time. It's now 40/40.

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Started work on the 4.3 core. Mainly because we finally have most of the important opcodes and a functional inter-operability patcher for the client.

So far it's not much to look at. I'll be working through it this week trying to get it at least in a semi-functional state so I can put it up and see how many issues there are. This is all before even thinking about putting any of our custom changes or bug fixes in. This new core is fairly amateurish but so was the last one. Once I do move our fixes over..most of the issues with it will be fixed.

It's a long haul..for sure. But, there's a few new core changes from 4.3 that will make fixing bugs a bit that's good. It also has a on-the-fly opcode system that can be updated with a couple need to restart. I like that part. Not sure if we're going to update to it any time soon..but it's worth looking into for now.

Anyway, that's what I've been working on lately..just thought I'd let everyone know.

P.S. I'll be asking for help testing once I get closer to having a functional version up that isn't embarrassing to look at.

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