Armory and Stats page clean up. 
Updated the Armory and Stats page to check for GM and not check their online/offline status. Also will not show hidden GMs on the status page.

Increased all paginated pages to 40 per page instead of 20. This change is for Status and all Armory pages. Already added this change to the tracker.

Fixed a couple display issues on Firefox in Linux and IE in windows. Mostly with the bug tracker. Also fixed an issue with pagination on the comments section of the bug tracker..was showing up to 20 but next would only de/increment 4 at a time. It's now 40/40.

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Started work on the 4.3 core. Mainly because we finally have most of the important opcodes and a functional inter-operability patcher for the client.

So far it's not much to look at. I'll be working through it this week trying to get it at least in a semi-functional state so I can put it up and see how many issues there are. This is all before even thinking about putting any of our custom changes or bug fixes in. This new core is fairly amateurish but so was the last one. Once I do move our fixes over..most of the issues with it will be fixed.

It's a long haul..for sure. But, there's a few new core changes from 4.3 that will make fixing bugs a bit that's good. It also has a on-the-fly opcode system that can be updated with a couple need to restart. I like that part. Not sure if we're going to update to it any time soon..but it's worth looking into for now.

Anyway, that's what I've been working on lately..just thought I'd let everyone know.

P.S. I'll be asking for help testing once I get closer to having a functional version up that isn't embarrassing to look at.

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KA Crashed several times, so I kept it down the last time to fix the crash and recompile the core. Should be fine theory.

Crash logs are a 50/50 shot that they'll actually give you the correct crash information and not just something else that happened to be on the stack at the time of the crash.

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Stacking buffs and Rogue/Druid 
Added part of the new stacking checks. This fixes:
*Furious Howl,Honor Among Thieves,Rampage, and Elemental Oath stacking
*Horn of Winter,Battle Shout,Roar of Courage, and Strength of Earth Totem stacking
*Unleashed Rage,Blessing of Might, and Abomination's Might stacking
*Flask, Guardian Elixir, and Battle Elixir stacking
*"Well Fed" buffs from old and new food stacking

Some of this was fixed previously and some of it was added for next build. The new stacking system is Spell ID based for Player buffs and Attribute flag based for flasks, food, and such. That means I will need specifics if something is not occurring. Not just 'flasks are still stacking' but the flask item ID and spell ID or the food item ID and spell ID.

-- Rogue: --
*Glyph of Sap - working on players as well
-Added non-player flag check

-- Druid: --
*Feral Forms (Cat and Bear) - Equipped weapons currently do not increase weapon damage when in either Cat or Bear form.
-There's nothing causing weapons to not increase weapon it must be some unknown issue. I added back in FeralAP bonus from weapon damage on forms with weapons for now to compensate. There's not really any other option since this is how the system is designed to handle weapon damage increase on feral forms. This is not the Item Mod +Feral AP but a formula that adds Feral AP based on your form and the weapon's dps.

These changes will not be in until the next restart.

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Canned Spam 
Updated the forums to the latest build and updated all the anti-spam countermeasures. It's been needed for quite some time anyway..but that stupid spammer that I just cleared off the board interrupted my quiet time.

Spammers...You're not increasing your're ruining it. You're paying people to spam websites which is just going to get you LESS money. I personally would like to see a ban on ALL commercial advertisements...but spam is worse. It's completely pointless and serves no purpose. If I ever met one of these script kiddies that ran the spam bots, I'd probably be thrown in jail shortly after. Should hire one of them to sit around and clean up spam. Most of them are paid like sweat-shop it'd be pretty cheap.

Anyway, so yeah..forums are updated.

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BoT and Core 
Updated Valiona&Theralion and Cho'Gall in Bastion of Twilight
-- V&T: --
*Adjusted the shared HP so one of them will not reset to max HP when the other dies. Will need further testing to confirm it's fixed.
-- Chogall: --
*Reduced the delay slightly between Adherent spawns but decreased the number spawned at a time from 2 to 1. Should be a fair amount of time between spawns to keep up now.

Started work in the core moving over changes that have been pending. DR and Stacking this time around.
-- Diminishing Returns: --
*Rewrote a large part of the diminishing returns section of the core to line up with 4.0.6a. Still needs some work but should fix a lot of the missing DRs from spells.
*Started preliminary work on getting the stacking fixes moved into the live core. Nothing is fixed's mostly back-end changes at this point.

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Few updates 
Did some updates to the website tooltip system so customs and newer Cataclysm items will display their socket bonuses and newer stats correctly.

Moved around and updated a few of the socket bonuses on the defensive set and a couple other minor changes (It had AP and Crit..?). Swapped the chance to rez proc from the amulet and the On Use effect from the cloak on all customs thereby freeing up the On Use effect for parachute enchant per user request. Removed the absorb proc from protection set and replaced with a AoE HoT proc.

[Defense Set]
[Offense Set]
[Protection Set]
[Casting Set]


Edit: I also added the hidden proc to the description of the Dominator/Defender tooltip on the website.

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A few updates 
-- Vengeance: --
*Added several checks and updates to make sure the value never exceeds 10% of your Max HP.
*Added a trigger proc to learning (and adding) of the Vengeance base spell to use as a container for the AP bonus. This will cause it to show up at login or learning's just there for a container and will disappear on the first tick of regen.
*Added delay timer for decay of AP. 5% per 1sec while in-combat and 10% per 1sec while out of combat. This will also recalculate based on your Max HP and readjust it if the value has changed.
*Reworked the trigger portion to calculate more efficiently.
*Reworked removal/update system to not remove on zoning but still on stance switching.
*Spell will ticket down to zero then disappear..or be dispelled and disappear. The dispel debuff does not work currently to prevent gaining of Vengeance again for X seconds. I may be able to fix it with some work but not a high priority due to the issues with it.

-- Holy Power: --
*Added cooldown for Holy Power..1 point every 10 seconds. Timer resets when Holy Power is gained.

-- DK Runes: --
*Runes will now properly cooldown and/or lock instead of the spasmodic flicker that has been going on. Found this fix while trying to figure out how the core devs had an exact copy of my rune regen fix...go figure. Well, I should say, they have the OLD version that doesn't include the abilities that decrease rune regen times.

-- Paladin Seals: --
*Added several new flag checks for seal types..may not fix anything but it was needed for some of the future seal fixes.

-- Druids (And Stances): --
*Added a proper check and switch for Base Attack Speed on stance and shapeshift switching. No more need to filter for only Druid. Attack Speed will update properly for all classes and builds regardless of stance or shapeshift.

-- Dominator: --
*Had to swap out the haste on harmful stacking buff to 65005 a flat amount for a flat time. May or may not be a temporary change. There's a lot of haste on the dominator already with the base stats and the hidden proc.

-- Custom Pet: --
*Added check for Azshara Crater summoning prevention per bug tracker.

Build is compiling now for KA (Already built for DA and ready to go). Build is going to take a few hours due to all the core file changes. But, it will be ready to go on next restart after that time.

Started work on a 4.3 server version..very early right now. Nothing worthwhile to report on it. Oh and I found a place to spawn my two new features..A.R.C. (Ash Realm Cards) and AshBall (A new PvP event game mode). Will probably work on writing the scripts for that in my off time since the scripts won't interfere with the core work and can be moved around.

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Been working on rewriting Vengeance. Still have a lot of work to do before it's ready. I'm hoping to be able to start working on other things here soon and get the customs cleaned up the rest of the way.

Still waiting for feedback on what people would like to see changed about the Protector (Healing) set. I'm hoping Trance has some info for me eventually. I haven't played a healer in ages...I just don't know enough about the different healers to make a good judgement. I know the numbers and how they relate in a balance and coding way but that is far different than the actual play perspective. I put on a few things from a few random higher end trinkets and effects that seemed helpful to Healers..but it seems they need a lot more work. So, I hope I get some good feedback.

I should have Vengeance done soon...I'll keep people updated on progress.

Ash said he would work on updating the MPQ file when the customs are done. I asked that he work on updating at least the flat bonuses on them so that Reforging will be able to be used. He's on the road and/or working or doing whatever it is he does, not sure when he'll have the spare time to look at it. I just don't have the MPQ/DB2 creator that I wrote anymore and he has the only copy. Not to mention, it's best to keep a single person on that so it doesn't get messed up.

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Bug tracker 
Was informed in a bug report that the proc on the Dominator was not triggering...pushed out a proc event update that should fix that without a restart. May need to relog/reload to see the change.

Also did some core updates for Vengeance to get it closer to where it should be. It's currently not recalculating after HP change or stance switch. This will be fixed on next well as enabling Dispel Enrage effects to work on it.

I cannot currently fix the lack of a Decay on the spell..the system is not equipped to handle decay on passive spells. I will need to work out some sort of method or system to handle this in the future. But, the fix to recalculate going in next build should alleviate most of the exploits with it. Since it will recalculate every time you take damage and will lower/raise based on your current max HP rather than your previous or not lowering at all.

-- Paladin: --
After some back and forth with Yggdra on the bug tracker..
*Touched by the Light - Adding Strength instead of Stamina
-Fixed for next build...misc value was 0 not 2..thanks retail.
*Shield of the Righteous - Not scaling with AP
-Added AP coefficient - fix in restart required.

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