-- Druid: --
*Lacerate - Incorrect Base Damage (Direct Damage component) and incorrect Attack Power coefficient (DoT component: 1.8% instead of 0.3%)
-Updated coefficient to 0.3%
*Blood in the Water - Currently not refreshing Rip's duration when Ferocious Bite is used on targets at or below 25% health
-Added proc event for blood and refesh check on rip
*Lifebloom - Currently scaling at 30% Spell Power per tick instead of 6.5%
-Updated coefficient to 6.5%
*Thorns - Currently not having its Attack Power Coefficient of 16.8% (It scales like a Paladin's Word of Glory - depending on which stat is higher: SP or AP)
-Updated coefficient and added check for ap vs sp

-- Priest: --
*Vampiric Touch - Casting Mind Blast on a target afflicted by Vampiric Touch currently doesn't proc Replenishment
-Cleaned up the proc entry and proc event..should clear up the issue
*Holy Word Sanctuary - Only healing the caster.
-Added a radius index to the spell..not sure if it will help

-- Death Knight: --
*Dark Simulacrum - Debuff not being consumed when a spell is copied (lasts for the whole duration and copies all spells cast by the victim for that duration) and copied buff effects should only last 1 minute instead of their full duration. Should not be able to copy "Form" effects such as Druid Forms, Shadow Form and Metamorphosis.
-Added removal of debuff when a spell is copied and a timer adjustment if it's over 1 minute duration. Still working on the shapeshift copying issue..got a few general exceptions in there - No 'Shapeshift' auras and no 'Learn Spell' auras. I'm sure there's more.

-- Meta Gem Stacking: --
*The meta stacking system isn't working right..so, I had to fall back on a different method. Meta Gems are now Unique-Equipped gems which means it will most likely kick off items with duplicate Metas when you log in the next time after the build update. You'll need to remove those meta items in order to to be able to equip them. May add in stacking to allow two but for now it's just one of each meta type.

-- Alchemy: --
*Potion/Transmute/Elixir Mastery not adding additional bonus products on creation for Cataclysm level patterns
-Added check in for any pattern after 4.0 to allow a 20% bonus chance if you have the Mastery. Will need further testing to make sure I didn't miss any patterns.


More to come but I have stuff to do around here for now.

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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! 
Just a shout out to all our players. I hope you have a happy Thanksgiving if you celebrate it..and if you don't..well, have a good day anyway.

Got a lot of updates coming down the pipe..should see quite a few posts over the weekend. None today though...hosting at my house for the whole family.

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Updates - Spells/Talents 
Finally fixed the build issue...don't have the custom updates ready yet but I want to get these spell/talent issues put in now before I forget.

--- Druid: ---
*Stance Attack Speeds not updating on shapeshift
-Added an exception rule to swap speed on Druids. This should prevent the bug with other classes stance/shapeshifting while still allowing druids to update properly.
*Feral AP being applied on some items
-System still had the legacy check to add Feral AP base dependent on weapon dps. Removed.

--- Paladin: ---
*Tower of Radiance - Giving 1 Holy Power even if Divine Light and Flash of Light are not cast on the beaconed target
-Added check for Divine/Flash of Light.
*Vengeance doesn't increase attack power
-Implemented Vengeance for all classes that use it or various versions of it. May not remove correctly on shapeshifting..will need more testing.
*Infusion of Light - Proccing off Holy Shock non-crits as well
-Added crit flag to proc table
*Pursuit of Justice - Not granting 1 Holy Power when Stunned, Feared or Immobilized.
-Added proc for this effect
*Shield of the Righteous - Scaling at 120% Attack Power instead of 60%
-Not quite sure how..since there's no scaling information at all in the bonus data. I added some to see if it was pulling from dbc instead of db perhaps.
*Word of Glory - Currently scaling at 8% Attack Power instead of 19.8%/20%
-As far as I can tell..this wasn't scaling at all. I checked and double-checked on test and it wasn't getting any AP bonus. Added AP coefficient.
*Sacred Shield - Currently not proccing when at or below 30% health
-Added to proc table

--- Rogue: ---
*Glyph of Backstab - Refunding 5 Energy on all damaging abilities instead of only Backstab critical hits
-Added proc check for backstab and critical


I have a lot more done (especially for Druids) but I need to get some stuff done around here in real life first in prep for Thanksgiving.

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Dungeons etc 
Started work on BH and got it mostly fleshed out. Finished up the reported bugs on BoT and got most of the custom item tweaks ready to put in. Also, fixed up quite a few spells/talents for multiple classes.

I ran into an issue with the last build...so, I've been trying to work that out and figure out this Meta stacking problem. Hopefully, I can fix the meta problem and the aura stack problem both before implementing it.

These changes won't be in for awhile..not until I at least figure out what is wrong with this build and why it's not running correctly on Test. I'll give more info and updates about the changes once I've finished figuring this damn thing out.

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Still crunching numbers on customs. I also worked on a few scripts and some spells/talents but I want to get these customs panned out before I commit any changes.

Going to take a lot of back and forth on the forums figuring out wtf to do with these things.

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Cleaned up all the customs...going to need feedback as I'm sure some of the new procs and/or stats are off...

You can read about the changes and find links to the changed items by viewing:
http://www.ashrealms.com/forums/viewtop ... 127#p14127

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Finished my back end cleanup of the Armory. It's ready to start adding new features..but, first, I wanted to get in and fix some long pending bugs with spells/talents and other issues. For now, it's just Warrior. I need a break for this damn headache.

-- Arena: --
*Server crash when finishing an arena match with one team at 0 rating

-- Warrior: --
*Bladestorm - Currently having a 270% weapon damage coefficient instead of 150%
-Added in exception to weapon damage proc to prevent 'double casting'. This is the only thing I can think of that would cause this..since the mods are all correct.
*Sword and Board - Currently not removing Shield Slam's rage cost when it procs
-I added a reduction to the cost..not sure if the client will allow it to be cast without enough rage but it will not take any rage.
*Victory Rush - Killing summoned creatures currently procs Victory Rush
-Added check for isSummoned in proc event.
*Victory Rush not proccing when goblins kill something that awards xp/honor
-Added player create info for proc spell...it was in there but the ID number was incorrect for Goblin faction.

-- Custom Pet: --
*Did some updates for cage pets in open pvp areas.

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So, I see arena teams got screwed. The only spot I can see that is remotely related to appears is the portion that changes same-faction to unfriendly-faction.

I put a fix in that should resolve both issues at once..hopefully.

If not, we're going to have to choose one or the other..since the only thing left is a conflicting issue.

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Damn brain 
Well, I was working on the website...but, I got the damn arena system stuck in my head and couldn't think about anything else...so

-- Arena: --
*Same-faction teams not able to attack each other
-Added several more checks to the friendly/hostile spell system and the cross-faction system. Should alleviate issues with fighting same-faction arena opponents.
*Rating rewards giving out severely low values
-Adjusted the rating rewards system to be 15 to 96 and -5 to 0 as per retail. Scales linearly based on opponent vs your rating.

These fixes will be in next restart.

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In case anyone is wondering 
Haven't been putting out many update posts lately because I'm working on the website. After that, I'm going to get back into spells and talents. Then, cycle back around to scripts again.

Right now, I'm just working on fixing bugs with the armory. I want to work on it and get as much as possible done before I get bored with it. Hoping to start at least some partial work on the global chat as well so that I can tie it into the website.

Won't be getting many update posts because most of the work is tweaking and back-end stuff at this point. When there's something to actually look at..I'll post further.

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