The new map and cell systems are compiling as I type..this should (in theory) clean up a lot of the random map crashes. Ash also seems to have fixed the aura issues..so that should clean up the thread hangs we've been getting. There's quite a few boss spells and some player spells/talents fixed. The new map system should help a lot with Z axis issues (teleports, charging/intercept, etc). I had a lot more planned for this update but haven't been able to get around to it yet. Most of these are on DA already..won't be on BA/KA until next restart - no plans on a manual restart at the moment.

Other fixes:
* Possible solution to Dancing Rune Weapon not mimicking spells
* Skel griphon mount not flying fixed
* Protector type "mini-pets" (They run in defensive mode only) implemented
* Deathly Stare fixed
* Succubus seduction fixed
* Killing Spree fixed
* Implemented Infect Ice Troll spell per related quest
* Chaos Bolt & Incinerate fixed
* Sudden Doom fixed
* Conflagrate's initial and DoT damage fixed
* Ymirjar Skycaller's Glacial Strike debuff not removing when fully healed fixed
* Defile damage depending from scale fixed
* Growling ooze puddle fixed
* Bone Storm fixed
* Halion Fiery Combustion implemented
* Blade of Twilight fixed
* Halion Soul Consumption explode implemented
* Remove charges instead of removing of whole aura at dispel - Fixes spell 974 and other various spells.
* Check if target valid for owner before allowing pet cast.
* Chimera shot fixed
* Returned mail not containing items fixed
* And many other things I've now forgotten.

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Couple more updates 
Sorry I haven't been writing much lately...I'm still working on updates but I have the damn flu so it's hard to update blog, bug tracker, core updates, and git revisions while my head is pounding.

This update includes some fixes for hyjal, blackwing lair, frost lance, fingers of frost and I also ninja'd in a couple crash fixes for map and camera deconstructors.

I've still yet to figure out wtf is causing the map::loaded() crashes. They can happen 2-3 times in a row..or go for an entire week without happening which makes it next to impossible to figure out the cause. I have tons of null checks throughout that section but it seems to completely ignore them. It's like the pointer is becoming invalid in the same millisecond that it tries to read it.

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Lastest update is now live on all realms.

This update was a fix for a lot of random spells and abilities mainly. Things like Killing Machine's proc rate and Judgement calculations.

A couple major things...1 reverted all the tick/diff updates that were causing totem problems and 2 updated the time index system to work on *nix platforms which should fix some of the aura issues. I've still yet to find the cause of "sticky auras" however. But, I will keep working on it.

I've narrowed it down to two core sections..so I should be able to, at the very least, write some type of exception for auras we know stick.

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Update Malfunction 
There was a minor error in the last update that caused DA to crash repeatedly. It has been resolved for all builds.

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Late night update. 
Rebuilding the core on all realms.

* Glyph of Mind Flay fixed
* Twisted Faith fixed
* Arcane Power workaround
* Fixed reporting of achievements with HIDDEN flag
* Rewrote the summon for Snake traps
* Quest: The Gift That Keeps On Giving - added core implementation
* Lightwell spells and effects adjusted
* Glyph of Starfire fixed
* Raging Spirit fixed
* Implemented Spell Effect Redirect Threat (Misdirection, Tricks of the Trade, etc)
* Blood Boil - added bonus for diseased targets
* Glyph of Shadow Word: Death fixed
* Fixed Auras with mod duration effect displaying incorrectly
* Spiritual Attunement overheal fixed
* Implemented Quest condition "NOITEM/ITEM_WITH_BANK"
* Implemented Timed Achievements and reporting
* BOA items will now ignore reputation requirements at use (checked at purchase).
* Implemented Aura Mod Dodge Percent reporting
* Implemented Achievement "Highest Personal/Team Rating"
* Fixed totem animation at normal unsummon.
* Item loot now stored in DB and properly tracked
* Implemented KnockBack Opcode to properly display knockback effects to surrounding players
* Fixed rogue Hunger for Blood.
* Removed unnecessary checks for player loading/saving nolock errors.
* Fixed an issue where Raid No-Lock id's were not being taken into account when re-entering an instance and locking players
* Readjusted fix for Warstomp and other PBAoEs
* Removed DK AP scaling from Ghouls (part 2)
* Floor Z collision detection in ICC Throne adjusted
* Relocate to homebind if no Relocation found for reset instance - prevent reset exploit.
* Also, dozens of minor proc spell fixes and updated DK pet levelstats.

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Not quite sure why but it seems the dev updates to objectguids (Player/Unit/etc) caused charcustomize and charrename to cease to function. I reverted the changes to the file that holds those functions and it seems to have fixed it. Wasn't a major change anyway shrug. I'm just not sure why it doesn't work...

Oh well, it's been recompiled and reloaded on all realms. I ran a customization on Idiotdk (my DA admin character) and it worked fine.

Note: I goofed up the Revision names so now all servers are "Dark Ash 3.3.5a" (Dark Ash is where the core is revisioned and updated before moving to the linux box). Not a big deal, it will be fixed on next restart.

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All realms restarted. 
Restarted all the realms with the updates below.

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Couple more fixes 
I pushed in a few more fixes at the last minute:

* Fix for War Stomp and other similar PBAoE type spells
* Lich King updates: FD removed from all players at Frostmourne cast, cleaned up Menethil's Resurrection casting after Frostmourne, adjusted the Z axis fix for charge/leap/teleport spells and npcs while in Throne room.
* Several more crash fixes (preemptive)
* Removed AP scaler for Risen Ghouls using DKs AP.
* Warrior T10 2/4p set bonuses
* Several updates to minor visual effects
* Added scripts for a few dozen Escort quests.

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Next update 
Got the next build compiling.

* Combat log crash fix
* Rewrite of object handler system
* ACE rebuild to solve queue stack overflows
* Glyph of Guardian Spirit
* Server side combo point checks
* Heroic item flags and gems properly displaying
* Missing script/gossip texts for some raid bosses (Ulduar and ICC mainly)
* Dalaran anti-flight aura removed
* Map grid crash fix
* AddNewAura crash fix for redirect threat spells.
* Map loaded crash fix
* Rockbiter weapon spell updated
* Glyph of Steady Shot
* Updated corpse despawn times
* Fixed bug with quest completion in some cases
* Fixed a couple false anti-cheat reports
* Updated base reputation gain checks
* Implement Disarm Shield/Ranged aura types
* Fix to secondary effect of Warbringer (Allow intervene while rooted - which procs root removal effect)

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Well, chest loot system was a bust...it's just too old to get working on the new core and too badly written. It would take more than it's worth to fix considering we only have 1 raid chest from end-game dungeons that it would be used for.

Replacing the chest with an npc that will spawn and die at the end of Valithria's event.

Valithria Loot Holder
<Loot Me>

Cores are currently rebuilding with reverting chest loot patch. Currently testing the place holder chest replacement on Test.

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