Bastion of Twilight (and some fixes for Grim Batol) 
-- Bastion of Twilight: --
*Halfus - Mostly scripted..still missing a couple gossip updates for the friendlies
*Valiona & Theralion - Finished their phase switching and the visual aspect of flight/ground changing.

-- Grim Batol: --
*Erudax - Enabled script, cleaned up some spell problems, and removed pre-spawned adds. Script was not turned on at all due to a small bug..but fixed now. Should be working to spec now.

-- Other: --
Added fixes for various core components and spell scripts. Just everything I've had laying around since the move.

Continuing work on BoT the rest of the day. Might not post again until I finish the raid entirely.

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Real life stuff 
Got the server moved to the new room..which is the old, old room with a new floor (finally). Got the new KVM switches and network set up and the new wall mount. Seems to be running well.

Still need to get the room cleaned up the rest of the way so I can start working again.

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Few minor updates 
-- Doomlord Kazzak: --
*Fixed crash bug in his script that caused the most recent KA crash.

-- Combat Ratings: --
*Added hard caps to percentage-based combat ratings dealing with taking damage (Resilience, Dodge, Block, Parry). These hard caps are way above the mark for diminishing returns and will only affect lower levels with broken scaling. It's not generally possible to hit those caps without something being broken or incorrect due to diminishing returns and limited slots.
*Added fix for level 1 CR scaling..should improve the ridiculous numbers a bit when combined with the fix above.

-- Bug Tracker: --
*Added in-game spell tip text parser and linked to wowhead.

-- Armory: --
*Started work on the quest and item display sections. Linked the tooltips in the character section directly into the item view section and started work on layout. Fixed some bugs with displaying and a few minor tweaks to increase efficiency.

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Build is compiled, db changes are in place, new vmaps are loaded, scripts are compiled, and npc flags are updated. Should be ready to go for the next restart.

I also cleaned up the unstuck tools on the account page. Matched the layout of other char lists on the website and fixed the link-backs to send to the proper page. Added some tooltips to each of the functions with general descriptions.

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Reforge, Grim Batol, etc 
-- Reforging: --
*Completely implemented the reforge system which can be accessed from the Reforge NPCs as per retail. The main change from retail is that the minimum reforge cost is now 500 gold instead of 1 gold. But, it still uses the retail formula otherwise.
Note: This change will wipe all random suffix item stats due to the change in the enchantment system storage. You may need to reacquire those items or may find that the items' stats have changed. This should not affected any other enchantments.

-- Cogwheel Sockets: --
*I also went ahead and implemented the Cogwheel slots and visualization of reforge and cogwheel when viewing items. They should now save properly and apply their bonuses.

-- Random Suffix (i.e. "of the Mammoth"): --
*Aside from the wipe of random suffixed items as noted above, I also fixed an issue with random items that have more than 3 stats not applying those stats when equipped.

-- Gundrak: --
*Due to an exploit, ash ticket drops are removed from Gundrak bosses.

-- Grim Batol: --
*Erudax - Finished coding the effects for Shadow Gale. Script should now be completely done.

These changes will not be in for at least a few hours from now (and the next restart after that) as they are major changes and require a full rebuild of the core.

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Found the bug in the dev vmap extractor that was corrupting the vmaps for cata areas. In the process of extracting and copying them over now.

Should be good to go next restart if the extraction and copy finishes before more totem summoning or pet follow problems in Cataclysm dungeons.

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Grim Batol and some other stuff 
-- Grim Batol: --
*Erudax - Almost completely finished just needs a few touches here and there
*Forgemaster Throngus - Added Twilight Archers and their spells during Phalanx mode
*General Umbriss - Added Trogg spawn locs
*All(Stonecore too) - Added better handling of despawns/respawns.

-- Druid: --
*Leader of the Pack - No internal CD
-Added hardcoded cooldown since the proc flag cooldown isn't working

-- Others: --
*Reforging - Implemented Reforging and Reforging NPCs complete with Database options and saving of items.
*Website - Updated tooltip system slightly.

Note: These updates will not be live until tomorrow (or the next restart after the next blog post tomorrow). I need to finish up Erudax and a few missing db entries for Reforging before I compile it.

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Tracker update 
Fixed a minor parser problem with spell/talent links. Removed the tooltips for talents/spells since I don't have any server-side tooltips for those yet.

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Well, I started on raid scripts and finished Grim Batol but I pulled my back out of alignment this morning and it's hard to sit in a computer chair for too long at a time.

I'll get the scripts compiled and running as soon as I can sit for more than a few minutes without searing pain.

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Hit a wall on Grim Batol..going to take another day or so to finish this place up and move on to the next.

I took a break to put in the parser code for the bug tracker from Dogbert on the forums. Code wasn't perfect but I reworked it to what I needed. The bug tracker will now parse item and quest links from in-game bug reports so they don't look all gibberishy (?) anymore.

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