Found the bug in the dev vmap extractor that was corrupting the vmaps for cata areas. In the process of extracting and copying them over now.

Should be good to go next restart if the extraction and copy finishes before then..no more totem summoning or pet follow problems in Cataclysm dungeons.

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Grim Batol and some other stuff 
-- Grim Batol: --
*Erudax - Almost completely finished just needs a few touches here and there
*Forgemaster Throngus - Added Twilight Archers and their spells during Phalanx mode
*General Umbriss - Added Trogg spawn locs
*All(Stonecore too) - Added better handling of despawns/respawns.

-- Druid: --
*Leader of the Pack - No internal CD
-Added hardcoded cooldown since the proc flag cooldown isn't working

-- Others: --
*Reforging - Implemented Reforging and Reforging NPCs complete with Database options and saving of items.
*Website - Updated tooltip system slightly.

Note: These updates will not be live until tomorrow (or the next restart after the next blog post tomorrow). I need to finish up Erudax and a few missing db entries for Reforging before I compile it.

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Tracker update 
Fixed a minor parser problem with spell/talent links. Removed the tooltips for talents/spells since I don't have any server-side tooltips for those yet.

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Well, I started on raid scripts and finished Grim Batol but I pulled my back out of alignment this morning and it's hard to sit in a computer chair for too long at a time.

I'll get the scripts compiled and running as soon as I can sit for more than a few minutes without searing pain.

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Hit a wall on Grim Batol..going to take another day or so to finish this place up and move on to the next.

I took a break to put in the parser code for the bug tracker from Dogbert on the forums. Code wasn't perfect but I reworked it to what I needed. The bug tracker will now parse item and quest links from in-game bug reports so they don't look all gibberishy (?) anymore.

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Grim Batol again 
-- Grim Batol: --
*General Umbriss and Forgemaster Throngus - Scripts are now in the DB..will be moved over for compile in about an hour or so
*Drahga Shadowburner and Valiona (duo) - Implemented about 90% of the fight including a few chat pieces. For now, Valiona will appear and Drahga will hide (but still do his invocations as per the script). Can't find the vehicle ID for Valiona so that will have to be sufficient until then. Doesn't change the fight at all just the visual aspect. All other parts are scripted..invocation spirit and flame trail, seeping voids, etc. This one was a nightmare..

Once Grim Batol is finished..I had planned to move to one of the Raids and work on that. I just wanted to start with some smaller areas first to get used to the new event system. I've had to add in several dozen new functions and features to it already..so it was good I started small.

-- Custom Pets: --
*Added in teleport to owner if not in line of sight. This check happens periodically not immediately. It will clear the pet's aggro table but not any tables the pet is in (i.e. If the pet attacks a boss, then gets out of sight..the boss will still come but the pet will not run to the boss).

-- Veteran Shirts: --
*Added in command ".shirt" to disable shirt auras until next zone/relogin. It will disable the auras on all veteran shirts and on the voter's tabard. This does not affect other player's shirt auras or any stats/functionality of the shirts/tabards..it is purely visual (and auditory).

Note: These changes will be in next restart.

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Grim Batol 
*General Umbriss - Now almost completed..just need to collect spawn location data for the troggs. Until then, they spawn at his location.

*Forgemaster Throngus - All done except for Fire Patch script and Twilight Archer positioning. He's set to cast the fire arrow himself for now until I get in and get location data.

Moving on to the next bosses for Grim Batol since I will probably need to collect location data for those as well.

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Script updates 
-- Grim Batol: --
*General Umbriss - Mostly working..need to tweak Blitz a little more and add the raid warning for it
*Forgemaster Throngus - Working except for the visual equipment part


These updates are not compiled yet..needs some more work first.

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I believe I found where at least part of the problem with pet damage is..as far as scaling and such. I put in a few fixes to test it out for next build.

Also added some script cleanup for Stonecore and also cleaned up the bug tracker a bit.

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Caught a mistake in my location data for the adds during the Azil fight and fixed it..thankfully before it went live anywhere.

I also put in a fix for the profession learning problem which will be live on the next restart. It's basically just that the additional skills you get with some of the professions (Toughness, Master of Anatomy, etc) were being counted as Primary profession skills when they are passive. Added an exception.

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