Upcoming build 
Next build is on it's way to compiling now.

It includes:
* Fix for Group loot rules on Chests (Masterloot, etc)
* Outdoor PvP area events (Capture flags/points and all that)
* ICC Dungeons and Raid scripts 90% completed - Many many updates.
* Ulduar scripts 90% completed (with portals to most areas) - Many many updates.
* DK Temp ghoul summons and other various summon fixes
* DK Ghoul spell cooldowns fixed
* Warrior Charge abilities now using blink height to prevent falling through the floor. Will automatically fall back on original method if invalid.
* Hallow's End Candy Buckets will now actually have Candy in them.
* Friendly Citizens will be back to cause some Trickery soon.
* Freezing Arrow fixed
* Glyph of Howling Blast fixed
* Fixed a small bug in the damagetaken portion of the Armory character feed.

Still pending:
* Elemental Totem pet scripts
* Force of Nature pet stats
* Snake Trap pet scripts
* ICC spell core implementations (Some spells cast but do nothing)

Having some issues getting pet scripts to build on the new core.

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Update - Outdoor PvP and Raid No-Locks 
Added Outdoor PvP system to the test realm for all Outdoor PvP areas. Going to leave this run for a bit before moving it to the live realms. Please be sure to send me a PM on the forums with any missing data (be specific).

Also restarted All realms to fix bug with Raid/Player No-Locks. They will now function as they should.

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Next Update 
Build is out on all realms


* Flight paths are now instant teleports to destination. This is to combat an error in the flightpathing code from core devs and may change back later.
* ICC, Ruby Sanctum, and Ulduar are now all fully scripted.
* Hit/Miss ratings are now to 3.3.5a retail specs. Be aware 4.0.1 changes this so data you find online may be inaccurate for our version.
* Anti-cheat will no longer autoban. It will kick and report to our custom database which we will review periodically.
* Added many more Relic procs.
* Fixed the remaining core crashes.
* XP Eliminator NPC now working as it should.

Outdoor PvP will be released in the coming week barring any unforeseen issues.

On a side note: My wife wore two different shoes to work today and texted me a photo of it. It was pretty f-ing hilarious. I don't think I've laughed that hard in a long time. The issue is compounded by the fact she works with mentally unstable clients.

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Small yet large update. 
Currently, I'm running the test server with a new Hit Rate formula for Melee, Range, and Spell calculations. I'm also running new versions of Ulduar, ICC, and Ruby Sanctum. Should be able to get those live in a couple days. People are welcome and encouraged to test the Hit Rate and get back to me on this post: http://www.ashrealms.com/forums/viewtop ... 8707#p8707 - I'm looking for hard data, not "I hit the mob 2 times and this is what happened".

Outdoor PVP update is puttering along. It's going to take forever to get all this crap put in correctly.

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Compiling new build 
Quite a few updates in this one..

The main part of it is that I reverted our custom dungeon reset timers and reimplemented core devs method since they claim to have fixed it in a recent patch and ours isn't working. Should work fine after a few tweaks.

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Kept getting log errors about some spells not having a spell target position, so I updated the spell target position table. Should fix Surge Need Teleporter and a few hundred other spell target items.

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Updates compiled 
All the updates previously listed minus Outdoor PVP are compiled for next restart.
Also added some fixes for:
* New relic procs
* Gameobject glittering effect for quest objects
* Lost auras at item apply
* Taxi mask size (Should fix a few taxi problems we've been getting)
* Automatic Cheater banning and tracking
Note: These are not compiled yet. So, they won't be active right away.

Starting a new tree for Outdoor PVP so that I can apply it to only DA for now. That update is going to take quite a long time to get working. I'll be working on 15 other things at the same time as per usual.

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Update on hold 
I'm working on implementing Outdoor PVP zones. Hopefully, I can get it working..seems feasible.

I built most of the crash fixes and they'll be ready for the next restart.

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Next update coming 
Starting the compile on a new build. Here's a list of fixes so far:

* Channeled spells should now be affected by Haste
* Mixology ability should now work to spec.
* Aura_262 (Warbringer/Juggernaut) triggered effects While in Combat -possible- fix
* Northrend Reputation Tabards in Northrend dungeons
* Targetmap will only target self on Positive spells (should stop some of the reported "bugged" spells from aoeing the mobs AND yourself)
* Stoneclaw Totem absorb spells should now work properly
* Nitro Boost will now cause caster to drop the flag in BG
* Tickbird Signal to Fall (51369) spell effect enabled
* Various Crash fixes for the last set of crash logs
* Possible Armory fix for stats/talents/etc - I will need to clear the character cache files on the Armory before this will work.
* Implemented Battleground DS and RV
* Druid/Barbershop fixes
* Dynamic Transport crash fix
* Map crash fix
* Pet Attack Distance
* All Enemy in Area auras with 0 radius (NPC Spells) implemented
* Explosion effects on some spells implemented
* Spells with same icons not stacking fixed
* Fleeing/Confused mobs now end movement after effect ends
* Knockback fixes
* MYSQL Reconnect on lost connection

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Armory is now live on all realms! 
Please be aware that you can only view character data for characters that have been logged into since after the armory went live. They also must be 10+ and not a GM.

I enabled the 3d character viewer as well and put in all the patches for our customs.

Note: I also snuck a patch in for:

* Relogging BG exploit
* Crash in Grid UnloadAll
* Fix for a few random glyphs from dev forums
* Supposedly a fix for Dirge (untested)

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