Building a new Armory 
In the process of building a new Armory mod into the core. This should allow me to get the new Armory up and running.

Supposedly, it keeps track of Battleground stats and such.

If the damn dev computer USB port wasn't so slow, I'd have it running already.

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So annoying 
Freaking server crashes while I'm in the middle of building a fix for said crash, sigh.

Well, I brought down all 3 servers and put in a few fixes:

* Unholy Blight's ability to prevent disease removal
* Arena Teams now require 5 matches for points instead of 10
* Guild bank can no longer store BoP items, they will be deleted at next guild bank load
* Proper display of current Arena seasons
* Crashfix in Casting which was causing the majority of crash problems

Still haven't figured out why instance timer is displaying -1440days. Going to wait for the next reset to see if the server-side part works and then I will see about fixing that number. No point trying to fix that if the reset isn't working anyway.

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Crazy night (morning) 
Just thought I should let everyone know that so far, every single crash has had a fix to it. So, all looks well at the moment.

We should be heading into some decent stability here soon.

Oh and that last update and rebuild a few minutes ago was us putting in all the updates to repair the instance reset times. I hope it actually takes this time.

Edit: The reset time client-side is some dumb number. Not sure what that's all about. The core has it set properly: Sunday, October 03, 4:00:00AM EST - I'm thinking the Devs did some undocumented change to the way it sends the reset time message to the player or the way it calculates the number. I wouldn't worry unless it actually does not reset. I think this is just client-side.

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Realm update 
Fixed quite a few issues and since KA crashed while I was building, I went ahead and restarted both BA and KA.

XPRate should work now and some exploits are fixed. I went ahead and turned on the new anti-cheat system as I left it disabled while we were fixing crashes and forgot to turn it back on, heh.

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Updated the bug tracker 
Fixed the Roadmap link on the tracker to properly display what we are working on.

Please be aware that when something is marked as resolved, this generally means it *will be* resolved after the core finishes compiling the change and the next restart/crash occurs.

For those of you who are not familiar with our build methods: We check the crashlogs for the server multiple times a day, put in fixes for those crashes when possible, and then rebuild the core with the changes entered. The server will then load these changes the next time it is restarted (or crashes).

So, be assured that the majority of the crash problems are getting fixed. If you haven't noticed, the servers are staying up a little bit longer each time they go down. This is why.

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Cleaned up the crazy 
Looks like most of the crazy-crash issues are resolved. Now it's down to fixing the things we missed.

I'm taking a break for head is killing me. The crashlog system will track all the crashes until I get back and I will go through them and fix what I can.

Good luck.

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Automated for the rest of the night (day) 
KA and DA are running the guid cleanup functions. They are going to probably take a good 6hrs, so, that gives us time to sleep.

See you in the morning (afternoon).

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Falling behind a bit 
GUID conversion updates are taking a bit longer than expect.

We won't be back at 8pm EST. It's going to be a bit later.

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Update on track so far 
Haven't hit any snags as of yet so we're right on track. Backups for BA are done, working on DA/KA now and running the conversion functions on BA's Database.

I've updated the forums Bug report section to point to the bug tracker and disabled post on the forums. I've also cleaned up the bug tracker - there's no reason to have 3 trackers when we'll be running 1 core.

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I've gotten all the build updates and custom fixes put in. I'm sure I missed some but they will just have to be retested while we have the servers off the net during the update Monday.

We're now current with 6 different cores down to the last hour since this post.

Some highlights:
* Random Battlegrounds and Random Battleground Rewards
* Proper spawn times of Events (Brewfest, etc)
* BoP dungeon trading but not mailing, crafted BoPs, or auctioning while inside.
* Aura 262 (Warbringer, Fingers of Frost, Juggernaut, etc)
* Updated Anti-cheat system
* Global Cooldown server-side (No more cheats spamming macros)
* No relic hot-swapping during combat
* Dozens of Glyph fixes (Preparation, Circle of Healing, etc)
* Feral Spirit and other pets (Mirror Image, Dancing Rune Weapon, etc)
* Map and Aura crash fixes
* ICC Raid - Mostly implemented (No loot tables yet)
* Pet Attack Stop
* Fixed bug that causes 1 invalid password attempt to force you to reload client to log in again
* Battleground/Arena spell updates and implementation of 10% less healing debuff per retail
* Aura stacking and sticking fixes (i.e. Lacerate and Moonfire)
* Hit rate fixes for Judgements (Still needs more work, will need player feedback)
* New Rune system for DKs - to retail spec (This should fix Empower Rune Weapon as well)
* Update to Rune Strike to trigger properly
* New Movement template that should make implementing Escort quests easier.
* And tons more.

All in all, there are about 600 revisions and updates that went into this new core; not including the main dev revisions.

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