Stonecore Update 
-- The Stonecore: --
*High Priestess Azil - Got most of this script working minus the rock tossing..can't get that to line up properly so disabled for now. All the parts that are being disabled need core work to fix I plan on just making a list then going back into the core later to add the necessary changes.

So, that finishes up most of Stonecore then...aside from the core issues of course. There's not many of them so far..a couple spells here or there. But, they should all be fixable with a little work. I just don't want to jump back and forth from scripting to spells. So, I will continue with the next dungeon first..once I get a decent size list of core problems then I can go back and take care of those.

Note: These changes won't be in until next restart.

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Little behind on scripts..ran into some problems with Azil.

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More Stonecore 
-- The Stonecore: --
*Ozruk - Finished up his script. I watched a few videos but it was hard to tell if I got the timing exact and if I did the shields correctly. But, it should be fairly close barring a typo.
*Slabhide - Got most of the script working..including the fissures..though I haven't tested their visual spells yet to see if it works. The stalactites are not spawning correctly in the core so I have to leave that part disabled for now which means disabling the crystal storm as well.

Not doing too bad on time..I'll probably hit Azil before the end of the night as well..but I need a break for lunch/dinner/whatever.

Update: I'll have to postpone Azil for tomorrow. I have a ton of location and logic data I need to gather in order to make it look right. Going to take a bit longer.

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Script update 
-- The Stonecore: --
Added in the first custom script for the Cataclysm dungeons: Corborus from The Stonecore. Script hasn't been tested yet but most of his functionality should be there according to Wowhead's Encounter tab.

I'm working on learning this new event system built into the scriptdev system that the core can use...seems fairly effective. I guess we'll see.

I plan to hit at least one script/mob per day until all the dungeons are done then revisit them later on. Took me almost the entire day to figure out the system and then get all the timers lined out for this one..and he's not even that complicated. Might speed up later on depending on how easy I can get back into the scripting groove.

This update will not be in until the next restart.

Edit: I'm having trouble connecting to the linux box through the network. Might need to reset the main router and clear it's's been awhile.

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Few more class updates 
-- Paladin: --
*Retribution Aura - Not gaining from spellpower
-Added a hardcoded 3.3% coefficient.

-- Death Knight: --
*Threat of Thassarian - Gaining from offhand Death Strike
-I believe this should be resolved by simply removing the heal effect off the offhand strike
*Unholy Command - Not resetting cd on Death Grip on kb
-Added cooldown trigger to killing blow on xp or honor target.

-- Shaman: --
*Stormstrike and Primal Strike are not being considered melee attacks for the purpose of weapon imbue procs.
-Added Main and Off hand proc flags to Storm Strike and Main hand proc flag to Primal Strike. Should be considered melee attacks for procs now.

-- Mage: --
*Fingers of Frost - Currently not allowing Ice Lance to deal damage as if the target was frozen
-Added check for frozen -or- Fingers instead of just Frozen.
*Flame Orb - Currently having a spellpower coefficient of 5% instead of 50%
-As far as I can tell, this had no coefficient at all anywhere. Can only assume the 5% was in a margin of error. Added coefficient.
*Molten Shields - Currently not allowing Blazing Speed to proc when Mage Ward disappates from absorbing damage.
-Added proc at removal on damage if you have Blazing Speed talented.

-- Warlock: --
*Mana Feed - Granting 1% of your max mana whenever your minion's Basic Attack hits instead of 4% of your max mana whenever your minion's Basic Attack crits.
-Added critical check to proc. The spell is hardcoded to be 2% or 4% not 1%. So, I highly doubt that part of the report.
*Imp - Firebolt not scaling with the master's spellpower
-Scaling for this has been in the core for quite some time..using the formula on the spell.
*Succubus - Lash of Pain not scaling with spellpower
-Added scaling

Added crash fix for the last two crashes on KA.

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Minor updates 
Last restart was to fix several exploits and clean up some memory problems.

Not too exciting but necessary.

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Bug Tracker 
I added a "Normal View" and "Edit View" link to the top by the ID when viewing a bug (If you're the owner or an admin). This will at least allow you to see the layout formatted after you save it.

Don't want to put too much effort into features for the BBCode since it really is just there as an afterthought.

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Some more 
BBCode for Bug Tracker:
item, quest, spell - Integrated tooltips with wowhead and item has support for Q tag as well
q - quality selector for colors
img, url, b, i, u, h1, h2, code, quote, color, size, font, left, right, center - all standard BBCodes

Not extremely useful to have but the code was already there..might as well enable it.

Edit: Added bbcode editor to the comment page.

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Couple tweaks 
Forgot to note I changed around the Vote page. Added some new tooltips for the counters and for the monthly reward items.

Ash also added some more notes to the donation page explaining the differences for various things between Cata and WotLK.

BBCodes are enabled on the bug tracker now..I decided not to go with the new edit method as it was quite irritating having to click edit any time I wanted to change something.

-- Warlock: --
Added a small fix to Lifetap and some tweaks to how pets are saved. Can't save all Warlock pets the way it saves Hunter pets but I should be able to save the current one. Which would also fix respawning..etc. I may need to work around some custom saving to get it to save all the Warlock pets. The save system was changed in Cata and has issues with multiple pets on the same slot.

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-- Hunter: --
*Greater Resistance - Not applying bonus to resistances
-These spell auras are type damage reduction NOT resistances contrary to the name. They do not show up nor have any place to show up on the pet char sheet. It's a percentage reduction in damage taken by those types.
*Rapid Recuperation - This actually should apply a buff called
Rapid Recuperation Effect
-Proc trigger isn't working for Rapid Fire - Manually added to aura apply and remove of rapid fire itself
*Sic'Em! - Ok now the pet is getting this buff but not applying it's effect
-Effect was not coded at all..apparently there's no coding for pet cost reductions in the core. Added support for future and included fix for this spell
*Glyph of Misdirection - same thing still after the misdirection fades, then the cool down starts for 30 seconds
-Hoping this is finally resolved. I really don't want to have to do line-by-line debugging.
*Trap Launcher - Not working with Immolation and Snake Traps
-Added trigger spell for these two effects. Still need them in your bar like the others if you want to use the swap effect from it.
*Pet Stables - Currently unable to withdraw or deposit pets in the stable
-Started work on Stable but it has a long way to go yet. Fixed issue with saving stable slots on switching..fixed some stable master access checks..etc. Getting there.

-- Warrior: --
*Berserker Rage - Not removing sap
-Added (again) more checks and bypasses for Berserker Rage. This spell is starting to irritate me. Not working as it should (DBC wise)
*Juggernaut - Charge and Intercept aren't sharing a cooldown allowing one to stance dance and use both.
-Added shared cooldown
*Ret Guardian of Ancient Kings does not attack
-Added attack and threat script to update ai.

-- Death Knight: --
*Rune Strike - not having its dodge/parry requirement negated in Blood Presence
-Partial work (untested) on aura fix for removal of requirements
*Shadow Infusion - Currently not increasing the damage of your active ghoul
-Implemented buff proc
*Dark Transformation - Not activating on 5 stacks of Shadow Infusion
-Not sure how this was even tests since the shadow infusion buff is not being applied to the pet at all but I added the trigger aura to it on stack check
*Necrotic Strike - Absorbing a flat 137 healing instead of scaling with Attack Power
-Added coefficients
*Anti-Magic Shell - Currently granting Runic Power when spell damage is absorbed by it (Changed in Cataclysm to no longer grant RP)
-Removed effect
*Improved Blood Presence - Not giving 6% crit reduction
-Reworked aura effect to properly calculate buff
*** Still debugging the issue with damage and attack speeds with this class and others..not sure what's up with them yet. I know what's doing it I just don't know why..or when it started..etc. No way to track it down..needs more debugging.

Updates will be in next (un)planned restart.

-- Website: --
Added some more tweaks and layout changes to make the site more navigable. Increased the server selection bar size, added one to the donation amount selection, and a added warning note to the donation agreement page about switching your Realm. I'd have thought that listing the realm name in the header, at the top of the donation page, on the paypal site, and 2 more times during paypal confirmation and payment would be enough but I guess not...

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