Minor updates 
Last restart was to fix several exploits and clean up some memory problems.

Not too exciting but necessary.

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Bug Tracker 
I added a "Normal View" and "Edit View" link to the top by the ID when viewing a bug (If you're the owner or an admin). This will at least allow you to see the layout formatted after you save it.

Don't want to put too much effort into features for the BBCode since it really is just there as an afterthought.

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Some more 
BBCode for Bug Tracker:
item, quest, spell - Integrated tooltips with wowhead and item has support for Q tag as well
q - quality selector for colors
img, url, b, i, u, h1, h2, code, quote, color, size, font, left, right, center - all standard BBCodes

Not extremely useful to have but the code was already there..might as well enable it.

Edit: Added bbcode editor to the comment page.

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Couple tweaks 
Forgot to note I changed around the Vote page. Added some new tooltips for the counters and for the monthly reward items.

Ash also added some more notes to the donation page explaining the differences for various things between Cata and WotLK.

BBCodes are enabled on the bug tracker now..I decided not to go with the new edit method as it was quite irritating having to click edit any time I wanted to change something.

-- Warlock: --
Added a small fix to Lifetap and some tweaks to how pets are saved. Can't save all Warlock pets the way it saves Hunter pets but I should be able to save the current one. Which would also fix respawning..etc. I may need to work around some custom saving to get it to save all the Warlock pets. The save system was changed in Cata and has issues with multiple pets on the same slot.

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-- Hunter: --
*Greater Resistance - Not applying bonus to resistances
-These spell auras are type damage reduction NOT resistances contrary to the name. They do not show up nor have any place to show up on the pet char sheet. It's a percentage reduction in damage taken by those types.
*Rapid Recuperation - This actually should apply a buff called
Rapid Recuperation Effect
-Proc trigger isn't working for Rapid Fire - Manually added to aura apply and remove of rapid fire itself
*Sic'Em! - Ok now the pet is getting this buff but not applying it's effect
-Effect was not coded at all..apparently there's no coding for pet cost reductions in the core. Added support for future and included fix for this spell
*Glyph of Misdirection - same thing still after the misdirection fades, then the cool down starts for 30 seconds
-Hoping this is finally resolved. I really don't want to have to do line-by-line debugging.
*Trap Launcher - Not working with Immolation and Snake Traps
-Added trigger spell for these two effects. Still need them in your bar like the others if you want to use the swap effect from it.
*Pet Stables - Currently unable to withdraw or deposit pets in the stable
-Started work on Stable but it has a long way to go yet. Fixed issue with saving stable slots on switching..fixed some stable master access checks..etc. Getting there.

-- Warrior: --
*Berserker Rage - Not removing sap
-Added (again) more checks and bypasses for Berserker Rage. This spell is starting to irritate me. Not working as it should (DBC wise)
*Juggernaut - Charge and Intercept aren't sharing a cooldown allowing one to stance dance and use both.
-Added shared cooldown
*Ret Guardian of Ancient Kings does not attack
-Added attack and threat script to update ai.

-- Death Knight: --
*Rune Strike - not having its dodge/parry requirement negated in Blood Presence
-Partial work (untested) on aura fix for removal of requirements
*Shadow Infusion - Currently not increasing the damage of your active ghoul
-Implemented buff proc
*Dark Transformation - Not activating on 5 stacks of Shadow Infusion
-Not sure how this was even tests since the shadow infusion buff is not being applied to the pet at all but I added the trigger aura to it on stack check
*Necrotic Strike - Absorbing a flat 137 healing instead of scaling with Attack Power
-Added coefficients
*Anti-Magic Shell - Currently granting Runic Power when spell damage is absorbed by it (Changed in Cataclysm to no longer grant RP)
-Removed effect
*Improved Blood Presence - Not giving 6% crit reduction
-Reworked aura effect to properly calculate buff
*** Still debugging the issue with damage and attack speeds with this class and others..not sure what's up with them yet. I know what's doing it I just don't know why..or when it started..etc. No way to track it down..needs more debugging.

Updates will be in next (un)planned restart.

-- Website: --
Added some more tweaks and layout changes to make the site more navigable. Increased the server selection bar size, added one to the donation amount selection, and a added warning note to the donation agreement page about switching your Realm. I'd have thought that listing the realm name in the header, at the top of the donation page, on the paypal site, and 2 more times during paypal confirmation and payment would be enough but I guess not...

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Clean Up 
Doing core and database cleanups. Won't be able to add more fixes or repair previous fixes until I finish with that. I need to get everything lined out so I can commit our changes in a legible format.

It'll make it easier for me to track down problems caused by fixes.

Should be done in a couple days...hopefully. Lots of moving crap around..so tedious but it needs done eventually.

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Removed the 'Contact Me' option from the blog. Tired of getting mails about issues that should be handled in-game or by reading the actual website/forums.

This page is for server updates...period. If a comment isn't about server updates, then it shouldn't be left here or in my blog e-mail. You can contact Ash or me on the forums for issues that can't be resolved in-game. Though, most every single issue out there can either be fixed using the website tools (password recovery, unstuck, etc) or by making a ticket. I can't think of anything that can't be handled like that...but if someone finds something, then use the forums.

I don't check the e-mail associated with this blog more than twice a week at most...usually less as of late since I changed to a new phone and haven't gotten around to setting it up yet.

That should tell you how much I work on the server...haven't even had time to configure my e-mail on my phone =P (That and it's now almost 6am). Damn, I think I'm gonna go play with my phone now.

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More updates 
-- Hunter: --
* Rapid Recuperation - You gain 12 focus every 3 sec while under the effect of Rapid Fire however no focus gain happens at all
-Added triggered spells and reconfigured the proc to handle both Rapid Killing and Rapid Fire.
* Sic'Em! - The buff never gets applyied to the pet
-Added proc event flags
* Glyph of Misdirection - When using misdirect on pet this glyph should reset the cool down on this spell but doesn't reset
-Had the code in there for this but it seems it reapplies the cooldown when misdirection expires. I moved the glyph check further down the cast line.
* Glyph of the Dazzled Prey - Steady shoot still only generates 9 focus even when target is effected by concussive barrage, or concussive shot
-Apparently the retail devs do not know the meaning of 'Daze Effect' since there is an actual Mechanic called -DAZED- and neither of these spells use that mechanic. Idiots. Added checks for those spells AND Daze
*Aimed Shot! (Instant version) - Damage not matching regular Aimed Shot.
-Added in mod calcs
*Natural Armor, Pet Barding - Calculation done before hunter contribution.
-Reworked Resistances calculations (Armor is Resistance type 0 - Physical).
*Kill Command - This ability should only be usable when your pet is in melee range of your enemy target, but it's usable at any time even when your pet isn't in melee range.
-This spell has the distance checks in-place and should not actually take effect without being in range..will still cast though just not do anything. I did notice that it also had a second check that was proccing the same spell id for some other older effect. I removed that.
*Growl - Threat production
-Growl (and all other Effect: Threat type spells) were using the wrong AP value (Ranged not Base) for Hunter pets.

-- Rogue: --
*Glyph of Preparation - Currently not allowing Preparation to refresh the cooldown on Smoke Bomb
-Added Smoke Bomb to Prep Glyph CD list
*Glyph of Gouge - Currently not removing the positional requirement of Gouge
-Added server-side exception /w Glyph but I'm not sure if there's a client side aspect that is needed.
*Vanish - Currently not preventing damaging and harmful effects from breaking stealth for 3 seconds after it is cast.
-Added removal check exception

-- Priest: --
*Mind Spike - Removes ALL shadow effects not just owner's
The removal method for this spell is a single line and in that line it states the auras being removed MUST have the caster guid equal to the guid of the person that casted Mind Spike. It cannot remove spells by other people unless it is removing it elsewhere..in which case it is impossible to track down and fix.
*Levitate - Fall/Waterwalk effects not applying (client side packets missing).
-Added packet structs for Water/Fall/Hover effects as per the previous post.
*Holy Word: Sanctuary - Currently only healing allies in a small radius (5yards or so) around the caster
-Tried to rework the implicit targets to area destination instead of source.

-- Shaman: --
*Healing Rain - Currently only healing allies in a small radius (5yards or so) around the caster
-Tried to rework the implicit targets to area destination instead of source.
*Earth Shield - Currently scaling at roughly 93% Spellpower instead of 15%
-Don't really see anything in the core that would do this unless the DBC scaling is wrong from retail. I put in an override into the spell data table to see if that helps. Otherwise, no clue.

-- Mage: --
*Arcane Missile! - When the proc to allow arcane missile is triggered by any spell with a cast time, it immediately disables again. Also triggered even when it should be disabled by talents.
-Added more checks and clears for the Arcane Missile system. Should improved reliability and proper talent restrictions.

-- Customs: --
Reimplemented the spell/custom restrictions from the WotLK servers. These are things like bubble stacking and certain spells being using in BGs/Arenas that were originally already supposed to be implemented but were overlooked.

This build is compiled and ready to load on the next (un)planned restart.

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Spell/Talent updates 
-- Warrior: --
*Heroic Leap seems to be stuck at 1 damage
-Added spell coefficient for triggered spell
*Deep Wounds - Self-inflicted on crit
-Changed target to victim..default was self.
*Unholy Frenzy(From a DK) is not scaling with Unshackled Fury.
-Added scaling rule for this effect

-- Paladin: --
*Retribution Aura - Currently not scaling with Spell Power
-Added spell bonus checks (ap, sp, +%, etc) to all damage shields. Will apply to pertinent spells based on dbc info not ALL spells.
*Forbearance - Currently not preventing the victim from being affected by Divine Shield, Blessing of Protection or Lay on Hands
-Added immunity checks
* Guardian of Ancient Kings - Currently not spawning a Guardian in any spec
-Added scripts for all 3 guardian types, coded spell effects for summon spell and all pertinent damage/heal spells, and partial rewrite to core to allow triggers for the various effects.

These updates are not going in to the main build yet. I have more I need to finish up.

Edit: Also, added the new header to the bug tracker and cleaned up the column spacing in the armory and bug tracker to be more consistent page to page. Finally fixed the login saving issue if you open the blog then go back to the website. It will no longer require you to log back in (or auto login) when you try to access one of the pages that require login.

Edit2: Alright, build update is going in now. So, these changes should be live on the next (un)planned restart.

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Core updates 
Working on fixes for Water Walking and other abnormal packet types (Hover, Root, etc) so that they display correctly. Going to take a fairly large amount of time to work this one out.

Put in some fixes for other things not in the bug tracker as well..more info on that when I get closer to being ready to move the next build over.

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