Test Server is not really a Test Server at the moment (for you) 
Only about half of our custom changes are into the new core running on test. So, do not bother reporting issues about things not working.

In the process of getting the new build running in preparation for the coming update Monday.

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Wiping all character databases... 
Just Kidding.

Just letting everyone that bothers to read this know that the Test Server will be down for a couple days as I work towards getting it completely up to date.

Working on transferring all of our patches into the latest revision in preparation for the update coming Monday.

And to reiterate for those that skim read...the title is a joke.

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Bug Tracker update 
Removed the ability for the anonymous user account to post.

I've often wondered what these spam bots hope to accomplish? No one is going to click the spam links, so you aren't going to get any money. The companies you're advertising for should sue your dumb ass for destroying their company image. Because I certainly would not help out a company that allows those kinds of practices.

Oh well, it's easy enough to clean up. It's just sad to see how completely idiotic human beings can be. Very depressing.

Personally, I think people that run these sort of programs should just be tossed in jail so Big Fred can violate their spam hole.

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Test Server 09/16/2010 
* Pet AoE damage avoidance aura checks now working.
* Cleaned up some unneeded loops.
* Updated vmap extractor to hopefully repair the ::loaded crashes that happen on -all- realms (including BA) - Won't be able to test until new core is live. Need an hour just to extract them and heavy resource usage.
* Repaired Empower Rune Weapon for sending cooldowns
* Added SpellAuraHolder crash-fix
* A few other minor, server-side updates and fixes

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Test Server Update 
Raid BoP - Can trade (but not mail or auction) BoP items until you exit the instance/tarot.
Master Loot - Removed ML update on team change - must be in team at time of loot.
Demonic Circle - Now casts properly and allows recast.
Rune Strike - Now proccing to retail spec.
Honor Among Thieves - Implemented.
Wedding Rings - Implemented.
Change Faction/Race function - reintegrated into new core.
New Fake Aura System - Fixes for Rune Strike, Demonic Circle, and other spells that use hidden auras.
And a ton of other things.


Side note: Looks like the server will be able to be moved soon. Just working out some electrical/grounding problems. Don't want to plug the server into an unstable power source. Updates will go live sometime around then. Soon is a relative term; please keep that in mind.

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Interest "wtf" crash on Test. 
Obviously, there's something up with a part of the core on the test server. Has crashed every time I put it up. Odd that no one is mentioning what they were doing when it crashed. That's kind of the point of a test server.

Oh well, I added some verbose logging to all the areas related to the crash..hopefully I can track it down.

If anyone has a clue what they did to crash it, please feel free to enlighten me.

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Minor crash on Test 
That's odd. Test Server crashed for something completely unrelated to any fixes to this point.

I pushed a fix for it.

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Random BGs and other various fixes. 
Implemented Random BGs on test with rewards (theoretically). It's untested currently as it's kind of difficult to run two clients on a machine in one room while coding on a machine in another =P

Also implemented a new version of IsNoStackDueToSpell which should fix some (but not all) of the stacking issues with (de)buffs. Also added: Glyph of Rake, Annihilation disease consumption, some hit rate calculation logs for testing, and a log for Butchery since it appears to be coded correctly but not proccing. Quite a few other proc and spell fixes as well.

All in all, not a bad set of updates.

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ICC Raid opened on test. 
I've added all the scripts to the npcs and placed what I could on test. Players may not have access to the entrance at the moment.

About 90/95% completed minus some issues that will be resolved at the core transfer/update. Fairly satisfied with how it's working so far.

Also added fixes for a few dozen glyphs, some aura mapping fixes, a fix for proc spells, some temp-summon and totem fixes, some cleanup of the veteran reward code in the core and for the npc, and a couple cheat fixes for various packet-editing attempts.

Still need to add custom fixes for Wedding Rings and packet-editing additemsocket hacks.

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Why haven't we went live with the new core? 
I've been getting this question a lot and the answer is pretty straight-forward. The server is currently residing at a temporary home (my house) due to a storm that took out power awhile back. During that time, Ash made use of the time away from the server to take care of some personal things.

Now, we are waiting to put the new core in because the server will be moving back soon. We do not wish to bring the server down for the hours it will take to convert to the new core and then bring it down again to move it. Wouldn't make much sense.

So, I am working on getting as many of our custom changes and updates into the new core while trying to keep it up-to-date with the various repositories waiting for the move. Until then, I will keep updating Test Server as much as I can.

Once it does go live, I'll be cleaning up the bug tracker and rearranging things on the bug forums to prep for receiving what is sure to be a very different set of bug reports.

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