Armory data dump 
Right now I have the Armory beta set up to check for existing icons and if it doesn't find them, then it will parse and dump them from data files.

This can cause a player that has items that haven't been dumped yet to take an extremely long time to load..this is normal for now. Once the images are dumped then it no longer needs to do it ever again for that item (on any character).

Also, added the 3d viewer. It currently doesn't take your customization settings into account but it does load armor and items.

Edit: Finished implementing character search. You need to select a server before searching. Also, implemented the red '?' to placehold for no item in the slot or no icon associated with that item. This will prevent the system from trying to parse that item icon again.

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New Armory 
Started work on the new armory for Cataclysm. It's not pretty (yet) as I just started working on it like an hour ago. But, you can currently search for players and view their current equipment (via tooltip hover..icons don't work yet). I also updated the tooltips and moved them to Kick Ash db so that they're a little more up to date.

There's a link to the Beta of the New Armory on the front of the website in the General Info section. I plan on adding more things to the Armory than what's already there...this will be the go-to place for in-game content access..and will be the page that gets converted to Mobile.

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KA decided to restart on it's own before the build in the previous blog entry was finished. So, of course, it kept crashing constantly because the code for the secondary proc effect to Fervor wasn't in yet.

Build is up now and should be working fine. I also restarted DA so it doesn't end up with the same problem later.

Oh and I added a small fix to the rewrite of Tame Beast: You must be targeting the beast you are channeling on in order for the tame to succeed when the channel expires.

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-- Death Knight: --
*Glyph of Death's Embrace - Currently refunding 20 Runic Power on damaging Death Coil hits
-Switched proc flags to be for death coil heal not damage
*Death Coil - Currently scaling at 60% Attack Power instead of 30%
-Adjusted damage mods (coefficient on this was already applied but also added in db)
*Scent of Blood - Currently not being consumed by melee hits dealt
-Added 'remove from stack' on proc of the power gain spell
*Scarlet Fever - Applying to self at learn, login, and zone.
-Reworked spell to proc on Blood Plague applications and not to self (derp)

-- Hunter: --
*Ferocious Inspiration - Not increasing damage
-Set up proc to apply damage bonus area aura on summon of pet and on gaining ability.
*Spirit bond - Does not increase the mend healing on my pet
-Added spell healing mods for pet and owner (wasn't increasing ANY healing on pet or owner)
*Ancient Hysteria - sets off the GCD for the pet bar but gives no buff or debuff.
-This is a fairly basic functioning spell. Wondering if it's the spell map problem...probably. Fix is noted in pet section below.

-- Hunter Pet: --
*Grace of the Mantis is not working
-This is standard bonus aura - must function. Reduced crit chance mods are calculated at hit not on any stat sheet.
*Fervor - Restoring Focus to hunter but not to pet
-Added trigger spell for pet
*Spiked Collar - Has no effect, Not increasing Basic Attack damage at all
-Added calculations to melee damage (base attack)
*Wild Hunt - Has no effect, 25 focus spent, and same damage
-Added calcs in power cost mods and in spell damage mods
*Some spells are missing
-In the case of any spell ID that's higher than 85000 and was missing..these should be back in place now. I had to manually configure the lockout system to select those spells as valid Pet spells..because the DBC has thousands of false entries after 85000.

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Creating new characters 
The bug with creating new characters (without Vet Reward Levels) has been resolved. The build fixing it is now live on DA and will be on KA as soon as it finishes compiling.

This build will also fix achievement loading bugs (missing achievements).

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Core devs 
Seems the core devs finally figured out the actual problem with Achievement and Auction House data packets. In the process of testing those fixes out but they look proper.

Will add more information when I get it.

Yep it's working now after a few bits of finagling and fixing the devs sloppy code. Achievements work at login and the .fix command was removed. Auction house searching and such works. Only thing I can't get working yet is the in-game chat message when an auction is sold. But, you get the mail and all that jazz.

Name searches and all other search types work fine. Bid list works..etc. All tested. I'll be moving the update to the live servers shortly.

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I've said on many occasions that if I did this job for the people..that I'd have quit a long time ago. While that still holds true..I do get tired of the constant whining and bickering about how we do our jobs.

People, I think, should be grateful that there are people around willing to sacrifice their lives to making this place run. We work day in and day out to get things fixed and keep things running. They shouldn't be debating or complaining about HOW that work gets done..they should be glad it is getting done at all. Because I can tell you now..there are very few people that could do what we do the way we do it.

I don't know many people would be willing to give up everything to stare at a computer screen for 10-16hrs a day and I know even less would be willing to do that knowing they're going to get bitched at on a constant basis.

I guess in summary the point of this is to be happy with what you have and that you have it at all. Be happy that we even gave the ability to track bugs and happy that we fix them. Be happy you have a place to play free of subscriptions. Be happy that you have a place to play that is stable. Be happy the place is getting more functional every day.

In short, be happy. And, for the love of god, stop bitching at us. It's not going to change the way we do things. We do them the way we have to do them with what we're given. You're not going to change..we're not going to change. So, what's the point in being pissy about it all the time?

I may not do it for the people..but getting beat down all the time takes its toll on any person.

With that said, I'm going to go eat dinner and then go back to what I'm good with..fixing shit.

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Few more things 
-- Death Knight: --
*Death Knight T11 DPS 4P Bonus - Not proccing on Death Rune or Killing Machine
-Added the Death Eater (90507) proc spell effect

-- Druid: --
*Feral Druid T11 4 Piece Set Bonus - Not proccing effect on Mangle (Cat)
-Added Strength of the Panther (90166) proc spell effect

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-- Priest: --
*Renew - incorrect damage
-I don't recall the specifics of this..but I added the missing SP coefficients for it in the DB
*Paralysis - Currently not granting Mind Blast critical strikes the ability to stun their target
-Adjusted the proc table. Pretty sure this was already working though. If you look at the spell, you can see it is -not- a stun nor does it say it is a stun. It reduces movement speed by 100% but there are auras that raise your minimum run speed above 0 which can counteract the effect.
*Holy Word: Sanctuary - It's supposed to heal targets that are standing on the sanctuary (like Healing Rain) but it's not healing anyone for any amount.
-Added the spell effect heal trigger (with diminishing).
*Chakra: Sanctuary - does not increase the amount healed from renew by 15%.
-Added modifier
*Strength of Soul - Currently not causing Inner Focus casts to grant immunity to Silence, Dispel and Interrupts for 5 seconds.
-Not sure why this wasn't proccing..but I reworked it a bit and seems to be working ok now.

-- Hunter: --
*Piercing Shots - Doing flat damage (between 100-200) instead of 30% of the damage dealt by the crit shot over 8 secs.
-It was definitely multiplying damage by 30 then by 8..which is how it should be..shrug. I noticed it was not increasing the tick's damage but rather reapplying and recalculating though. So, I set it to increase if the buff is already present otherwise it will apply a new one.
*Crouching Tiger, Hidden Chimera - does not reduce the cooldown of disengage by 4 seconds when hit by a melee attack, and does not reduce the cooldown of deterrence by 8 seconds when hit by a spellcast.
-Added proc event and cooldown packets

-- Druid: --
*Revitalize - Currently does not have an internal cooldown of 12 seconds once it procs.
-For some reason this and a few other spells had time_t(null)+cd for their cooldown (time_t(null) = 0) where as it should be time(null)+cd (time(null) = current time in seconds). Not sure how the hell I screwed that one up..been in there awhile too.

-- Paladin: --
*Sacred Shield - No internal Cooldown
-Same as above Revitalize problem

-- Professions: --
*Lifeblood, Toughness, Master of Anatomy - Stacking all auras for all ranks at once and also causing LUA errors
-Rewrote the stacking system for granted abilities to apply the highest you know and disable the lowers. Prevents the lua errors and the stacking problem.

To be continued...

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Ok, I a few fixes before my breakage.

-- Hunter: --
*Entrapment - Not allowing Ice Trap or Snake Trap to entrap the target preventing them from moving for 4 seconds.
*Lock and Load - Not proc'd by Freezing Trap
-Pretty sure these are both related to a bug in the trap proc system. Rewrote the trap system so, even if it doesn't fix it, it will be easier to track down.

-- Oculus --
Cleaned up the scripts and added script to Varos.

Ok I'm done.

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