-- DK Ghouls and other Pets: --
Fixed most of the bad spell problems and got the ghoul functional. Still needs some more work but I'll need more feedback.

-- Rogue: --
*Honor Among Thieves - Two HaT auras present at the same time currently cancel out each other's external combo point generation (Self-made critical strikes still award additional combo points)
-I tested this is NOT being canceled and it is NOT affected at all by any other rogue. It DOES have an internal cooldown, however. It is not bugged in any way.
*Sanguinary Vein - Currently not preventing the Rogue's personal bleed effects from breaking Gouge
-Moved the break check further down in the chain to see if it helps.

-- General --
Fixed glitch in Auto Repeat attacks (Wand/Shoot) and other such effects. Fixed spell, item, and aura procs related to those spells as well.

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Ghouls and stuff 
*Raise Dead - causing a "Spell is not ready yet"
-Cleaned up the casting code with the changes from Cataclysm. Still needs some work but it's mostly on target now. You can use a corpse only if it doesn't have any loot on it otherwise it will check for corpse dust. Haven't quite figured out the error message portion but we'll get there. Modified it to use Energy as well now instead of mana. Not sure why that was like that..shrug.

I also figured out that quite a few of the 'spell does nothing' reports from the bug tracker are actually a simple problem with the pet bar itself having the wrong spell IDs in it. Usually, you can just re-hotkey the spells from your pet spellbook and then they work just fine.

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More DKs 
-- Death Knight: --
*Rune of Spellbreaking - not granting passive spell reflection and silence duration reduction
-Pretty sure this is working fine though I noticed some people start with 1/1 Runeforging when it's supposed to be 300/300. I've tested both effects when I raised my Runeforging and they are both working. Note: It is NOT spell reflection, it is a 2% reduction (deflection) of spell damage (126 meaning all except physical) as is noted on spell 54449 which is the triggered spell inside this enchant's DBC entry.
*Rune of Cinderglacier - When using Death Coil damage is increased, but the Cingerglacier stacks stay at 2
-Added charge drop count
*Rune of Swordshattering, Rune of Swordbreaking, Rune of the Nerubian Carapace, Rune of the Stoneskin Gargoyle - Not working
-These all have their proper auras..I can only assume it is the same issue as before with Runeforging being incorrect. I will double check them before the build update.
*Threat of Thassarian - is not procing the off-hand Plague Strike
-Missing proc flag - added
*Blood Parasite - Blood Worms are despawning without providing any healing
-Added proc aura for engorging then burst and heal effects.
*Desecration - not proccing off Necrotic Strike
-Added proc flags for necro strike

--- Breaking for dinner.

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Death Knights and stuff 
-- Death Knight: --
*Death Coil - healing for flat modifier
-Added AP mod
*Rune System - The Rune System is currently using the WOTLK version.
-Added a sync system to Runes. It will not look exactly right and will blink at funny times. But, the actual timers are fairly close to retail.
*Runic Empowerment - Currently not granting chance to refresh a Rune
-Added new Rune trigger function to light up the rune affected by Runic Empowerment and recalc timers
*Runic Corruption - not causing Runic Empowerment to increase Rune regeneration
-Added replacement effect to Runic Empowerment to trigger a dummy aura that will be calculated into rune regeneration while up.
*Rune speed functions (such as presences) do not work.
-Added new Rune Regeneration calculation system into the new rune system based on aura.
*Presences and Improved Presences - Not calculating correctly
-Rewrote entire Presence system. Added calculations and triggered spells to all appropriate sections. Integrated the auras with the new Rune system and implemented new Runic Power calculation system for Runic haste.
*Will of the Necropolis is currently proccing from any damage received regardless of the Death Knight's health percentage, and does not have its internal cooldown of 45 seconds.
-Values were all wrong and in the wrong place...must have been drunk when I wrote this or something.
*Icy Touch - using the WOTLK Attack Power coefficient of 10% instead of Cata's 20%
-Updated coefficient
*Death Pact - killing the user and any surrounding allies when cast. No log just dead.
-Adjusted the cast to check for pet first and also to only kill pet. May need more work to include guardian version of pet. But, since I haven't fixed the ghoul yet (pet or guardian) I can't check =P
*Veteran of the Third War: Currently not increasing your total stamina by 9% only increasing your expertise by 6.
-Was actually in the dbc as misc value 0 which is Strength not Stamina. Not sure why but it's now set for Stamina.
*Brittle Bones - Applying debuff to self
-Reworked spell structure and proc effect to properly add and remove on Frost Fever

Note: Runic Power regen bonus calculations need more work. Disabled for now. Also, these updates are not compiled into the next build. I want to get more done before I move them over.

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Still wracking my brain trying to figure out the rune system. I got it counting properly server side and can even make it display right client side..but it's still not exactly right.

I have to be missing something...but I've been staring at the decompiled client for hours and haven't been able to figure it out. Very few things elude me when I sit down and put my mind to it. Can't stand not being able to find a solution.

Edit: This stuff and the stuff in the previous post are not in the latest build yet. I am not moving over the DK rune system until I finish going through the DK bug list.

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Found all the missing opcodes for DK rune powers. Should be able to work out how to get the rune system functioning like Cataclysm.

It's very odd that the runes are set up the way they are now. There's absolutely no core coding telling them to work that way. It's just how the retail client works. You'd think they would update it to work the way they wanted on the client side not only server side.

I've got it now counting properly..I just need to work out some bugs with the display and count downs with the client packets.

Update: Well, I got it working to spec but still can't fix the silly blinking icons. I wonder wtf they did to prevent that...I can't find it. But, the runes are working like how they were reported to work. I'm sure it will need a lot of tweaking.

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Like a bandaid 
Servers are running the latest build now. All fixes up to this point should now be in place..including the armor specs, aimed shot!, and the trap launcher hotbar glitch. Along with the other fixes below, of course. But, those were the ones I kept getting repeat reports on.

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Few more updates 
-- Specializations --
-Implemented all Armor Specializations for all classes and the Cloth class int buffs that work similarly (Wizardry, Mysticism, and Necromancy).
-Cleaned up the calculations and displays system for the core to properly update the aura types.
Note: I've now tested all 35 of the aura types and they are working to spec (on Test Server). Though I condensed the aura list down to 11 because some are pointless copies. Some classes may not yet train the proper spells. If you need a GM to check this, you need to have the spell with the same Icon as spell 87509 - It checks confirmation by IconID, Effect, and Base points so you must have the aura for your class from your trainer. You can view a list of the auras on wowhead by searching 'specialization' and browsing through the abilities tab. Clicking one with the right Icon will show you the class it belongs to at the top of it's page.

-- Auction House --
-I've tried every possible combination of packet data I can think of to get the Auction System working with no luck. I'm considering adding some .commands in to use in order to see and buy items from the AH. Everything works on the AH except the display after searching. It even returns the proper found items for a search. Very strange..but since it does that much, it would be fairly simple to combine commands with the AH to bypass the broken part. I'll work on that throughout this next week and see if I can get it's a lower priority than class talents/spells though.

-- Core --
-Implemented proc trigger type 'On Interrupt' for effects such as Invocation. Probably still needs more work.

Too tired right now to test anything or write anymore. Been up for..a day and a half trying to debug the auction house. Probably not going to sleep..but not staring at the computer for awhile.

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Cleanup and such 
-- Cage Pets: --
-Added 75% reduction to damage in BGs/Arenas (flat amounts like healing, direct damage, dots, and white damage)
-Added restriction to 'Stun'/'Interrupt' type effects for BGs/Arenas
-Added the level reduction system (reduced damage and healing..stats etc based on how far you are from max level) to all aspects of the flat rates including white damage.
-Adjusted the targeting and combat system

-- Customs: --
*Custom 'Chance on Hit' effects not proccing in some cases
-Some of the custom spells on items have no proc chance because they were never meant to be procs. Added a normalized proc chance to those spells.

-- Hunter: --
*Auto shot not activating on spell casts
-Added cast toggle flag check to all negative spell casts to trigger auto shot

-- Paladin: --
*Censure (DoT) - Currently not being treated as a dispellable debuff
-Added dispel magic flag to dispel type.

-- Rogue: --
*Honor Among Thieves - Two HaT auras present at the same time currently cancel out each other's external combo point generation (Self-made critical strikes still award additional combo points)
-Reworked the spell to loop through all the HaT auras on person that triggered it and proc for each original spell caster (using their roll chance) then add cooldown.
*Relentless Strikes - Currently not granting Slice and Dice a chance per combo point to restore energy
-I believe I solved this problem. Seems the core devs put a change in the spell DBC for this quite awhile ago which shifted the spell IDs for the energy effect.

-- Druid: --
*Lifebloom - Should only be able to be applied to one target, but instead it can be applied to more than one targets.
-Added single target flag
*Natural Reaction - Not adding dodge
-It is adding dodge but it's adding it when learned not at stance change. Updating spell flags.
*Feral Swiftness - It's supposed to increase the movement speed of the druid while in cat form by 30%, but it is increasing the movement speed of the druid while in all forms by 30%.
-Same as Natural Reaction

-- Warlock: --
*Demonic Pact - Currently not increasing the caster's Spellpower, and not causing summoned demon pets to provide the Demonic Pact effect.
-Added trigger spell to summon
*Soul Burn: Seed of Corruption - Currently not allowing Seed of Corruption's AOE effect to apply the Corruption DoT on its victims
-Enabled all Soul Burn effects and the removal of Soul Burn upon using them.
*Glyph of Void Walker: Doesn't increase the health of the voidwalker
*Sacrifice (Void Walker) : Does absolutely nothing
-Added these two effects in last set of updates just forgot to document it.
*Everlasting Affliction - Currently not allowing Drain Soul, Drain Life and Haunt casts to refresh the Corruption DoT on their targets
-Added proper proc flags and script effect

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Spell Swap effects 
Worked all the bugs out of the spell swap system. It's a little quirky but fully functional. When you receive a spell swap aura (i.e. Trap Launcher), it will tick one time (500ms) before it swaps the spell Icons and it will end about 500ms early as well. Ends on cancel, etc..all tested.

One thing to keep in mind is that it swaps the spell -on your action bar-. There doesn't appear to be any system to swap spells out of the book least not a documented one. You can, however, cast them from your book if you want..not sure why anyone would..but, it will swap the spell out at cast. This won't work so well for things like Trap Launcher where you need to select a location or things that normally have a prerequisite.

When used from the action bar, however, it works exactly the way it should.

Currently, I've coded and tested extensively (on Test Realm):
* Soulburn (Drain Life)
* Soul Swap (Soul Swap Exhale)
* Trap Launcher (Ice, Freezing, and Explosive)
* Master Marksman (Aimed Shot!)
* Stampede (Ravage!)
* Hot Streak (Pyroblast!)

Other spells that use aura type 332 or 333 will need reported if they're not working..preferably with their Original spell and replacement spell IDs. You can check if a spell you have is that type through wowhead.

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