The two lists of fixes below have not been put in yet.

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More Warlock 
-- Warlock: --
*Demonic Circle: Teleport - Currently unusable (Grayed out in the action bar) even with a Demonic Circle active
-Added the fake aura proc back in that activates the Teleport. Still needs more testing.
*Banes (previously curses) and Curses do not stack, ie. Bane of Agony and Curse of Elements
*Curse of Elements - Currently overwrites Bane debuffs, and vice-versa
-Rewrote the spell system to count Banes as Banes not Curses for the purposes of stacking
*Immolation Aura - Currently giving the caster a "you are in shapeshift form" error
*Demon Leap - Currently giving the caster a "you are in shapeshift form" error
-Added form check for metamorphosis
*Burning Embers - Currently dealing 3% of Soulfire's damage per tick instead of 30% over 7 seconds
-Incorrect report. Though, I did alter the spell mechanics to match retail. Soulfire will apply the debuff and Firebolt will add to the damage until cap and refresh the aura at cap.
*Soul Burn: Drain Life - Currently causing Drain Life to vanish from the action bar when Soul Burn is cast
-Started work on a new spell swap system. It should allow you to cast the old spell but replace it at cast with the other version. Needs more testing. This also inadvertently should fix the drain life shard problem and Glyph of Drain Life.
*Glyph of Shadowburn - Currently not resetting the cooldown of Shadowburn when it fails to kill the target.
-Added effect
*Nether Ward - Currently not replacing the Shadow Ward ability with Nether Ward
-Used new spell swap system
*Soul Swap - Currently not proccing the Soul Swap buff, not replacing the Soul Swap ability with Soul Swap Exhale (After casting Soul Swap on a target inflicted by the caster's Shadow damage-over-time effects), and not allowing the transferral of damage-over-time effects from one target to another
-Put Soul Swap into the spell swap system, implemented the shadow dot transfer, and the Glyph of Soul Swap. First cast of Soul Swap applies the 20sec buff to you, removes the dots, and stores them. Next cast transfers the dots to the new target. If glyph is active, saves the auras but doesn't remove them and adds a cooldown based on the glyph. So, you could still click Soul Swap but it will fail casting. Will need some more work later. But, it's mostly to spec now. May need some work on the damage coefficients for the up front damage as well.

---- And time for sleep. I need to test a lot of this on the Test Realm before I move it live.

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Warlock and stuff 
-- Warlock: --
*Affliction DoTs - Either the shadow mastery passive, or Potent Afflictions (affliction's mastery) isn't increasing dot damage.
-It's potent Afflictions (Which was already reported as not working). Updated the calculations.
*Siphon Life - This talent is giving ALL dots (even immolate) a 25/50% chance to be healed for 2% health, instead of just corruption.
-Added proc flags
*Aura of Foreboding - Doesn't allow hand of gul'dan to root the enemies, or stun them after they have been in the curse of guldan aura for 6 seconds.
-Added these effects. I should note it doesn't just 'stun after 6 seconds'. It waits until the root wears off before it starts counting the 6 second. As per the description. Though, it may proc more than once with the way I set it up. But, it's multiple times within 500ms so the actual stun time will be almost identical..if my math is correct anyway.
*Impending Doom - Shadow bolt, Hand of gul'dan and incinerate reduce the cooldown of this ability's cooldown by 30 seconds instead of 15 seconds.
-This spell is extremely broken in the DBC. Not sure how my fixes will go over..but I guess I'll find out.
*Cremation - Currently not allowing Hand of Gul'dan to refresh Immolate on its target
-Added proc check
*Jinx - Currently not allowing Curse of Elements to affect additional targets
-Added aoe proc. It also was not coded to apply the negative regen on Weakness. Added that as well.
*Conflagrate - Not dealing 60% of immolate's damage. It looks like it's doing roughly 25%.
-Added SP Coeff to total damage calcs. Please, if you're going to test this, do NOT calculate Crits into 'total damage'. That's not how the spell works.

*Bane of Havoc - not allowing 15% of damage done to other targets be dealt to the target that Bane of Havoc was casted on.
-Does not work on targeting dummies but it does function to spec on normal fights. Not bugged.

To be continued...I need food.

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More class updates 
As always, these will not be in until the next (un)planned restart. Build is just about if it doesn't crash in the next 20mins it should be good to go for next crash even.

-- Guild Roster: --
*Guild roster breaks when adding/removing people
-Fixed issue that caused broken roster in certain cases. Should be no more issues with the Roster.

-- Hunter: --
*Termination - Does not allow my Steady Shot, and Cobra Shot abilities to grant an additional 6 focus on targets below 25% health.
-Added increase to focus triggers for conditions
*Careful Aim - Not increasing the critical strike chance of Cobra, Steady, and Aimed Shots on targets above 80% health.
-Added calcs to spell crit
*Glyph of Misdirection - Does not reset the cooldown on Misdirection when Misdirection is used on your pet.
-Added cooldown removal check to end cast
*Glyph of Aimed Shot - Currently granting 5 focus on every damaging special ability instead of just Aimed Shot critical hits
-Updated proc table
*Glyph of Dazzled Prey - Currently causing Steady Shot to generate an additional 2 focus regardless of whether the target is dazed or not
-As far as I can tell..this was just a dummy aura and not scripted at all. It couldn't have been adding 2 focus. I did, however, program it to work now. It will add the bonus directly to the focus spell.
*One with Nature - Currently not increasing Aspect of the Hawk's Ranged Attack Power Bonus
-Added Aspect of the Hawk bonus. Also, doesn't appear the Fox bonus was being calculated..added that to Aspect of the Fox.
*Trap Mastery - Currently increasing Explosive Shot's damage by a flat 3 damage instead of 30%
-This says nothing about affecting Explosive Shot. Nor is it coded anywhere to do so. Nor should it be that I am aware of. T.N.T. is for Explosive Shot and Trap Mastery is for Explosive Trap.

-- Rogue: --
*Honor Among Thieves - Currently granting combo points on friendly-flagged targets instead of hostile-flagged or attackable targets
-Fixed target check
*Relentless Strikes - Currently not granting Recuperate, Slice and Dice and Expose Armor a chance per combo point to restore energy
-Added restore bonus to end effect

-- Druid: --
*Thick Hide and Bear Form - Incorrect percentages and stuck buffs
-This has now been fixed, tested, and confirmed on the Test Realm. Aura now removes, applies, and recalculates when switching forms. You will still need to swap forms when you learn Thick Hide to see the calculations. This is intentional.

-- Mage: --
*Flame Orb - Currently lasting only 2-3 seconds before it despawns (But correctly attacking its nearest enemy target). In addition, the Flame Orb's attacks currently deal no damage.
-Reconfigured the Visual vs Damage spells and hardcoded a longer duration base (Script controls actual despawn time rather than spell)
*Improved Arcane Missiles - Currently giving Arcane Missiles a cast time before it begins channeling instead of adding two more waves of missiles per cast.
-Bonus was applied to cast time rather than duration of channel. Fixed and tested on Test Realm.

-- Shaman: --
*Water Walking (Buff) - Currently not allowing its target to walk on water
-Rewrote Movement function and packet structures for Water Walk. Should fix the buff issue.
*Glyph of Lightning Shield - When mobs hit me it still reduces the orbs
-Added drop charge check not quite sure if that's the only place that triggers. Needs wider testing.

-- Warlock: --
*Summoned Demons - Permanent summoned demon pets are currently only scaling with their master's Spell Resistances and Stamina, and aren't scaling at all with their master's Spell Damage or Intellect
-I believe the core of this problem was how it was getting the owner's spell power / intellect. I've adjusted it.

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Huh...that works I guess 
Pretty sure I just fixed the guild roster system. Won't know until it's live and properly tested but I was able to recreate the problem and fix it multiple times. I'll try to get the build compiled after I get some more class updates finished. I want to at least touch base with the last two classes before moving anything.

Wonder why the devs did what they was fairly obvious that it would cause the guild roster to not function. Well, obvious if you're looking at it anyway. I wouldn't even have thought to check there if it weren't for Eridanus' post on the forums.

Even though his post was unrelated to the did make me look at the right section. So, thanks for that =P

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There was a very odd thread hang on DA and KA at the same time. Ah well, I figured out what caused it (Thanks Core Devs for leaving yet another shoddy job I have to clean up).

Should be a-okay least for that particular problem.

On a side note, that also put in a couple fixes re-reported.

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Servers restarted. 
Ran into a serious character saving problem on DA. Had to restart DA and KA to put the fix in for that or any characters with that problem would not save.

Put the latest build in as well.

I've now touched base with all classes except DK and Lock since our initial release. I'm sure there are bugs with the fixes and other bugs that haven't been reported yet. But, we've got more things working than not a very large majority. Each of the classes that have been looked at are now down to a handful of problems (or less) each. It's a good thing.

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Cleanup and next class - updated 
-- Periodic Heals: --
*Periodic Effects: Reduce in amount over time
-Figured out that periodic heals were getting the math from Wild Growth's calculations inadvertently. This should fix all periodic heals including the 'Lifebloom of Death' problem.

-- Hunter: --
*Focus Fire - is still not increasing ranged haste when used.
-Aura check had wrong ID number
*Embrace of the Shale Spider - Currently only increasing Stamina, and only increasing resistances by 1 per school
-Added formula for calculations and add all (except spirit) on the mod stat.
*Wolverine Bite - currently does 1 point of damage each time it is used by the pet.
-Added RAP coefficient

-- Druid: --
*Swipe (Bear Form) and Thrash - Still currently making a sound but doing nothing.
-Works fine at close range (1yrd). Was missing Effect Radius. I loaded the proper radius and tested it on the test server. Working to spec now or will in the next build.

-- Rogue: --
*Honor Among Thieves - Added to party member's target not rogue's target (Changed in 4.0.x hotfix)
-Added hotfix changes to use the rogue's current selected target (if the rogue is not friendly to target, of course). This is your SELECTED target not your combat target and that's what I read it should be. So, pay attention to what you're doing.

-- Warrior: --
*Sword and Board - Currently not resetting Shield Slam's cooldown when it procs
-Had old data from WotLK. Updated it and added a secondary check at end cast.
*Heroic Fury - Doesn't remove roots just applies immunity.
-Added removal flag.
*Berserker Rage - Doesn't allow cast during sap nor remove sap.
-Added removal flag and sap check bypass.
*Improved Hamstring - Not checking if previous Hamstring is yours nor is it applying a cooldown
-Added caster check and cooldown.

-- Paladin: --
*Zealotry should not consume Holy Power, but currently does.
-Disabled holy power consumption.

-- Mage: --
*Flame Orbs and Frostfire Orbs don't appear to be moving
-Neither had scripts..added them and cleaned up the scripts a bit..added Fire Power and Frostfire ranks..etc.
*Improved Freeze - Currently not proccing 2 stacks of Fingers of Frost when Summoned Water Elemental uses its Freeze ability on an enemy
-Added proc on freeze cast with talent
*Reactive Barrier - Currently not proccing Ice Barrier when the Mage is brought to or below 50% health
-Well, it's not 'to or below''s 'below 50%'. Set the proc as such and added the proper trigger spell.
*Glyph of Molten Armor - Currently not increasing Molten Armor's critical strike chance bonus
-Added modifier
*Fingers of Frost - Currently causing all damaging spells to treat their targets as if they were frozen instead of just Ice Lance and Deep Freeze
-Added affected by check for Deep Freeze and Ice Lance with Fingers of Frost
*Improved Arcane Missiles - Currently not increasing the number of Arcane Missiles fired
-Spell is just set to increase channel time of Arcane Missile, I added that effect (750ms - Rank 1 and 1500ms Rank 2)
*Improved Cone of Cold is currently freezing the caster and not the target.
-Not sure why it would do that since the spell has a hostile flag and a range. Changed the victim to be the caster and target both then set the original caster flag to the caster. Should fix the problem if that was indeed what was wrong.
*Conjured Mana Cake - Currently not restoring Mana
-Added periodic dummy aura tick (second type on listing) to energize periodically as per spell dbc. This is a wide-range fix for all periodic dummy tick 'drink' spells.

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Update to update 
Fixed the re-reported issues for the last update. Will be in next restart. I also fixed several crash bugs from the last couple days on KA.

I don't quite remember which issues I fixed but it was all the ones that were reported after the restart on the tracker. I was too busy with my head stuck in the code figuring out the crash problems that I forgot to copy the reports over.

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Mage and some Pally spam..etc 
Well, after this only Warlock, Mage, and DK need serious work. The rest is cleanup and fixing missed things from the rounds before. That means, once I get those 3 done, I can finally start f-ing looking at something other than spell code. Thank god.

-- Mage: --
*Pyromaniac - Currently not increasing Spell Haste when 3 or more targets are afflicted with Fire damage-over-time effects
-Added new periodic apply counting system and added trigger/calcs for Pyro
*Invisibility - The "Invisibility Veil" screen effect is currently persisting until logout
-Not quite sure if I nailed this down or not. The byte flag that sets this visual effect appears to have been applying but not removing under some circumstances. Attempted to fix the removal portion.
*Permafrost - not allowing the Water Elemental to be healed by any spell damage dealt by its owner
-Added effect to dealdamage on spells
*Frostbolt has NO slowing effect at this time.
-Umm..frostbolt applies a direct speed decrease aura. Are no other speed decrease auras working? Pretty sure it's something else not Frostbolt itself.
*Hot Streak and Improved Hot Streak - Currently causing Pyroblast to disappear off the hotbar
-This is that same core issue with not being able to replace effects on the spellbar client-side. It will trigger the freebie Pyroblast! immediately instead of setting it up to be used. Will have to suffice for now.

-- Paladin: --
"Hammer of Wrath" seems to be bugged. The spell procs, EVERYTIME I cast any other spell. Spams your screen with the proc every second.
-After not understanding what this report meant in the slightest, Collateral helped me figure out wtf was meant and what was going on. Pretty sure this will work to spec now.

-- Rogue: --
*Sanguinary Vein - Currently not preventing Rupture ticks from breaking Gouge
-Added system for checking removal on damage effects..included Gouge into the set.

-- Shaman: --
*Hex is breaking on all damage, it should allow some damage to be done before breaking.
-Same system as used for rogue. This one is a set 25% chance that it will break on damage instead of based on a rank like the rogue one. May need to change this percentage..depends on how it goes.

-- Priest: --
*Holy Fire - Invalid coefficient
-It had no coefficient set at all so I set it to 0.75 on DD and 0.25 on DoT. Until I find actual data, I can't set this to anything else.
*Mind Melt - does not increase shadow word: death's damage by 15/30% on targets below 25% health.
-Added multiplier
*Shadow Word: Death - does not do 3x damage on targets below 25%
-Added multiplier
*Atonement - Healing a random target in the raid, instead of a low hp target within 15 yards.
-Someone found actual data for this spell showing that it is lowest target. So, now it is coded to lowest target. Thanks.
*Mind Spike - when stacked to 3 on an enemy target, it doesn't increase our next mind blast's critical strike chance by 90%
-Implemented new aura type 308 (The proc spell on this uses it)
*Mind Spike - Does not remove periodic shadow effects at cast
-Added removal code at calc.

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