New build is taking forever to compile...sorry for the downtime.

Server went down while I was in the middle of building..that's why it's unstable for the next few minutes.

P.S. F-You server. You WILL work correctly.

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More updates 
--- Shaman: ---
*Glyph of the Arctic Wolf - Dosnt effect the ghost wolf transformation
-Unknown model id for the color shift change. Used model for Spirit Wolf as per suggestion on Bug Tracker for now.

--- Hunter: ---
*Camouflage - Currently breaks upon laying of traps, and doesn't camouflage your active pet
-Added trigger for pets and break on self if broke on pet..cannot fix the break part as there's currently no core support.
*Focus Fire does not raise the hunter's ranged haste nor restore any of the hunter pet's focus while in effect.
-This is a basic 3% gain cannot -not- work without all other haste auras being broken. I did, however, recode it to include the frenzy stack removal and bonus for the haste and pet focus. Added Frenzy trigger spells at pet basic damage as well per Frenzy's description.
*Call Pet - removes from action bar at login
-This is only true if you hotkey the base spell instead of the individual calls inside it. The base spell is coded client-side to not be able to be hotkeyed. Either retail uses some unknown method or they don't allow it to work..either way..we can't do anything about that.
*Chimera Shot, Black Arrow, and Explosive Shot - Currently not including its Ranged Attack Power coefficient in damage calculations.
- Added RAP coefficients
*Cobra Shot - If two hunters have serpent sting up, Cobra shot will only extend the duration of serpent sting for the other hunter's serpent sting
-Updated refresh on Chimera and Duration increase on Serpent Sting to check by caster GUID. Should only increase YOUR Serpent Sting now.
*Aimed Shot - Currently has a 3-second baseline cast time instead of 2.4 seconds
-Cast times are controlled by retail DBC files not us..but I put in a manual edit for this spell. I wager this was not 2.4secs in 4.0 and was only modified later. Oh well, doesn't hurt to manually set it to 2.4 for now. Please keep in mind autoshot adds a 0.5secs delay to cast times.
*Hunters Mark: No effect
-I see no issue with this spell or it's effects in the DBC, the DB, or the core. It's aura is coded correctly and sets the proper flags to mark enemies as tracked. If it's just visually not showing up..not sure what to tell you about that one. The auras are working properly server-side.
*Glyph of Kill Shot - Currently not resetting the cooldown of Kill Shot if it fails to kill the target.
-Added triggered effect and internal cooldown
*Kill command - Does nothing, even when the pet is in proper range of the boss.
-Added trigger and damage calcs
*Intimidation - Not increasing threat
-'Effect: Add Threat' is a basic function...either no threat producing effects are working or the pet one is.
*Growl ability is not creating the proper amount of threat.
-For lack of better values currently, Threat effects for hunter pets now use a RAP * 0.523 coefficient to increase their threat production.
*Serpent's Swiftness - Currently not increasing pet attack speed
-Implemented aura type 342 which appears to be a pet-only attack speed pct increase. Please keep in mind pet attack speed bonuses affect DPS directly NOT their actual time between swings.
*Basic Attacks - Currently not scaling with the Hunter's Ranged Attack Power
-Base white damage is current 1dps per 14ap and AP is increased by 42.5% of owner. So, scaling DOES work.
*Haste - Pets currently do not scale with their master's Haste
-Added min/max damage modifier based on owner's cr haste. Won't increase their attack speed..but rather their damage per second (cr_haste_melee).
*Hit - Pets currently do not scale with their master's Hit
-Added scaling to owner's hit rating when hit rating changes (cr_hit_melee/range/spell).

Not sure what to do with the Expertise..since there isn't any expertise or actual hit rating variable for Pets at all. May need to go back later and create them manually.

--- Rogue: ---
*Executioner - applying haste bonus for slice and dice to all haste effects
-Put flag check in for only Slice and Dice

--- More to come ---

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Disabled comments. Might turn them back on later but right now, they're a useless distraction. This site was built as a way to communicate what is being worked on...not have a debate on how it is being done.

Back to work for me.

Edit: Be happy that things are getting worked on..not that things aren't getting worked on the way you want them to.

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Druid time...and some other stuff. 
Note: NONE of these changes are LIVE yet so, please stop making reports about the issues listed here as 'still not working'. They won't work until the next build.
--- Druid: ---
*Nature's Bounty - Currently not reducing the cast time of Nourish when Rejuvenation is active on 3 or more targets
-Added a Rejuv counter to player class and modified it to trigger time reduction spell on count 3 or higher and remove on 2 or lower. Don't know if the actual buff spell works (96206)
*Starsurge - Currently not granting either Solar or Lunar Energy
-If Eclipse power > 0 (Solar) then it adds solar, else if less than 0 it adds lunar. I'd think at 0 it would not have a benefit according to the description. So, that's how I coded it.
*Stampede - ravage disappears off your action bar.
-Spell replacement effects like 81022 (Aura type 332) do not work in the core yet. I replaced the aura effect with the triggered damage spell instead (81170). So, it should be like immediately using the effect after the Charge.
*Skull bash - Charge sound is played, but there is no effect (interruption of casting).
-Added proc spells to the dummy effect and also implemented Brutal Impact's portion (5/10% mana increase on Skull Bash's target)
*Mark of the Wild - currently it only buffs the caster
-Now, if targeting will buff self-only. If targeting raid/party member, it will cast aoe buff. This is how Power Word: Fort and Arcane Brilliance are coded so I followed suit.
*Feral Aggression - Not giving Faerie Fire the ability to apply 2/3 stacks
-Spell is set strange..but I did what the retail devs designed. It will retrigger itself X times increasing the stack count.
*Leader Of The Pack - not giving extra crit, or proccing heals on crits. no aura appearing either
-Added AoE buff to shapeshift boosts and the (now two) proc spells for mana and health on melee crit. Unsure if it was all melee attacks or just white on I set it for all melee attacks on crit
*Primal Madness - not increasing max energy when using Tiger's Fury
-Added max energy proc to Tiger's Fury and Berserk for duration
*Thrash - No effect
- I do not understand how this could have 'no effect'. It is a basic physical damage and periodic tick effect that hundreds of spells use. I did, however, see that it's coefficients were not in the DB and added them
*Lacerate - incorrect damage
-Did not have base coefficient - added it and changed the dot coefficient to it's proper value
*Euphoria - Currently not granting Wrath or Starfire a chance to double their energy gains when cast outside of an Eclipse state, and not granting mana when an Eclipse state is reached
-Added both effects
*Sunfire - Currently not replacing Moonfire with the Sunfire spell when in a Solar Eclipse state
-Core does not currently have the ability to replace spells in book/bar on the fly. But, if you cast Moonfire with this talent and in Solar, it will switch out the spells during cast
*Leather Specialization - Not learning from book
-Implemented Armor Specialization aura type in core - Ash will need to update the trainers with the appropriate spells (Only coded Leather Druid/Rogue so far)
*Bear Form- Not switching from 65% to 120% after lv39.
-Modified at apply

--- Priest: ---
*Archangel - Currently giving the caster a "you can't do that yet" error when attempting a cast
-Added a trigger aura that I believe is the cause of this error
*Evangelism - Currently proccing off any damage dealt instead of just Smite, Holy Fire and Mindflay
-Added more proc flag checking
*Chakra - Currently not proccing Chakra: Serenity, Chakra: Chastise or Chakra: Sanctuary when their related spells are cast while under its effect
-Added new trigger method..should work now
*Lightwell - NPC is spawning as hostile
-Set to friend - P.S. this is SUPPOSED to be a NPC..not a GObject. That is per retail not us.
*Shadow Word: Death - Not self-damaging
-Added secondary check for proc effect
*Masochism - Not Granting mana on Shadow Word: Death self-damage
-SWD fix should fix this proc as well

--- Shaman: ---
*Windfury Weapon - Currently not causing Windfury Weapon imbues on two dual-wielded weapons to share the same internal cooldown on their procs
-Added internal cooldown to the proc spell (3secs) which is global for any proc. Should fix the issue
*Mana Tide Totem - Giving incorrect spirit
-Set to 200% instead of 200 now
*Glyph of Healing Stream Totem - Dosnt add the resistance
-Added Effect proc to Totem if have glyph
*Searing Flame Talent in The Enhancement tree is procing from Magma Totem which is stacking 1 searing flame on everything to 5.
-Added flag check for Searing Bolt specifically
*Glyph of Grounding Totem doesn't reflect spells cast back on the caster like it should.
-Added original caster as Magnet target instead of Totem in case of glyph on owner

--- Help needed ----
*Glyph of the Arctic Wolf - Dosnt effect the ghost wolf transformation
- I do not have the new model ID for this effect nor can I find it anywhere...even a NPC with a similar look would do it.

-- Warrior: ---
*Frenzied Regeneration and Glyph - Frenzied adding flat health not percentage and Glyph not removing healing proc
- Fixed both effects

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Well I inadvertently fixed Thick Hide on bear form while I was working out a Spirit of Redemption problem. So, that will be fixed on next restart.

Also trying to work out the problem with HoT tick degradation. I'm guessing it has something to do with the amplitude system that decreases over all tick time based on haste..which isn't working correctly anyway so I removed it for now. Or well..for next restart.

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Working working.

Finished some cleanup on priest issues and added debugging in for the ones that don't make any sense. Continuing on for now to the next class. The shadowy apparition issue should be fixed next restart.

Wondering if I might need to do a clean rebuild to fix some of the inconsistencies I've been seeing. Doing that now for next update.

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More Priestly Business 
Priests are in some heavy need of editing it more priest updates:
*Chakra - Currently not proccing Chakra: Serenity, Chakra: Chastise or Chakra: Sanctuary when their related spells are cast while under its effect
-Enabled the Chakra procs and aura..the auras themselves may not be fully coded yet..will need feedback and numbers.
*Train of Thought - Currently not granting Greater Heal a chance to reduce the cooldown on Inner Focus, and not granting Smite a chance to reduce the cooldown on Penance
- Will not 'proc' but will activate the reducers correctly
*Spirit of Redemption - Currently procs correctly, but gives the user a "you are in shapeshift form" error when attempting to cast healing spells in that form
-Added flag check to form CheckCasting to allow except for Redemption. Not sure if that's the problem.
*Vampiric Touch (DoT), *Mind Flay, *Shadow Word: Pain (DoT), *Devouring Plague (DoT) - Currently unable to critically strike
-Rewrote periodic crit section of the core
*Holy Nova - Range on the damaging effect is off, supposed to be 10yd, but you need to be standing on top of the enemy to hit it.
-Adjusted the spell DBC entry's Radius Index to 14..which I believe is 12 yrds give or take. These values are stored by Index not actual distance value because they scale like pixels. This was the closest index I could find.
*Glyph of Shadow Word Death: Currently not resetting the cool down.
-Added effect to dealdamage if health > damage
*Sin and Punishment: Not lowering CD of Shadow fiend when it should, nor is it fearing targets when dispelled.
-Added both effects
*Grace - Currently not proccing off Heal, Flash Heal, Greater Heal or Penance
-Updated proc table - still had WotLK values

Well that does it for priests. On to the next one after a short word from our sponsors.

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Priest continued 
Sorry for the delay..needed a breather:

*Body and Soul - Currently not proccing off Power Word: Shield or Leap of Faith
- Added to proc table and added flag checks for self (cd) and pws/lop
*Archangel - Currently giving the caster a "spell is not ready" error
- Attempted to add the activation buff and also completely scripted the spell effects for Dark Evangelism and Evangelism to coincide with it's effects
*Reflective Shield - Currently not proccing off attacks absorbed by Power Word: Shield
-Cannot proc - added to absorb calculations to cast effect
*Atonement - Currently not proccing off Smite
-fixed proc and replaced broken 'Atonement' heal with custom 'Flash Heal' effect..modified values to match. Spell select for the 'low health' part of the spell is set to less than 50% health to be considered a target.
*Strength of Soul - Currently not causing Heal, Greater Heal or Flash Heal to reduce the duration of Weakened Soul on their targets
-Scripted the reducer spell and rewrote the proc core entry for it. May need to also add a proc table entry later on.


And my head back later.

P.S. I am adding these changes to the current build for next restart...yes that includes all the other fixes below too...

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More Mastery tweaks, Cage Pets, and Confirmed Priest Issues 
*Respec - Added Mastery update when respeccing
*New Spec - Added Mastery update when selecting a new spec

Cage Pets:
* Follow/InCombat - Kill something in a raid and the custom pet will stay at the body until you move on and attack something else.
- Added stuck checks for in-combat

*Improved Devouring Plague - Currently not proccing off Devouring Plague casts
- Was set to effect 1 instead of effect 0
*Masochism - Currently restoring mana even if the damage received does not equal or exceed 10% of the Priest's total health
- Added check to damage being dealt
*Mind Melt - Incorrectly proccing off Mind Blast
- Added check for Mind Blast - Mind Spike and Blast have identical flags =/
*Shadowy Apparition - Currently not granting Shadow Word: Pain ticks a chance to proc its effect
-Added proc entry and now fully scripted to follow and cast their spell when in range (5.0f or Melee swing distance). They will dissipate after 30secs (individual timers) to alleviate core strain (if they have not found a target by then) and there is a maximum of 4 at a time. Spell scales at 60% of your SP (Shadow) for now until I get solid numbers.
*Evangelism - Currently not proccing off Smite
-Rewrote core devs shitty Evangelism code. May need some tweaking.
*Divine Aegis - Currently only proccing off Prayer of Healing criticals instead of all healing done by Prayer of Healing
-Reworked proc event to always proc on all heals..then checked in core that it is either a critical or prayer of healing
*Divine Touch - Currently not proccing off Renew casts
-Added proc entries and core support

Need a break for a bit...will get back to Priest list in a moment.

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Mastery and Warrior Confirmed Issues report 
*Strikes of Opportunity - Removed self-proc of the actual damage spell
*Wild Quiver - Removed self-proc of the actual damage spell
*Main Gauche - Removed self-proc of the actual damage spell
*Hand of Light - Will now proc on Divine Storm as well

Class Updates:
(Hunter) *Master Marksman - Updated stack amount to 5.
-- Warrior --
*Single-Minded Fury - Currently not allowing Slam to hit with both weapons
- Will now proc off-hand spell
*Incite - Currently allowing Heroic Strike criticals to proc another Incite buff
- Not sure if I can fix this easily but I added a check to make sure you did not have this aura when this aura is proc'd again
*Rage - Currently not normalized to grant a flat amount of rage per swing
- Normalized rage per hit to be 6.5 * weapon speed which is the accepted Cataclysm formula. I could not find ANY information on what it should be for when you are a couple remarks from devs stating it reduced with the more max HP you have. So, I set it to 15 rage per hit which then reduces by 1 point per 10k HP. I will change it later if I can find anything about it.
*Rude Interruption - Currently having a small chance to proc off any melee special attack instead of successful interrupt
-It was set to proc 100% on any non-damaging spell effect..which is what pummel's interrupt is. I suppose other effect procs have this as well. I added the Interrupt flag to the proc but it is marked in the core from devs as lord knows if that will work.
*Wrecking Crew - Currently proccing off any melee critical strike instead of just Mortal Strike criticals
- Proc flag for Mortal Strike was missing..adding it may be the problem so I will have to manually repair it in the core if this breaks it.
*Shield Slam - Currently not scaling properly with Attack Power
- I don't have exact numbers for scaling anywhere so I used a similar one to Bloodthirst since Bloodthirst, Mortal Strike, and Shield Slam are all share the same effect replacement (Strike)
*Bloodsurge - Currently proccing off any melee special attack, and being consumed by Bloodthirst critical strikes
- Updated the proc table to be for Bloodthirst. I cannot fix the consumption issue currently as there is no way to implement that in the core
*Battle Trance - Currently proccing off every melee special attack instead of just Mortal Strike, Shield Slam and Bloodthirst
- Added proc entry

Today was Warrior.
I will be doing one of the Confirmed Class Issue report pages on the Bug Tracker per day until they are all cleared. Then, I will be revisiting them. I want to get as many class issues fixed as possible before I move onto other areas.

Issues will be put in as they are compiled and restarted. There will be no planned restart time for any of these until they are ALL finished.

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