Bug Tracker 
Bug Tracker will now list, by default, the issues by the time they were submitted, updated, or commented on. You can change the listing method like before by clicking one of the column headers.

Note the order will be screwed up for awhile right now on existing reports because the timestamp didn't exist previously...well not in the way it exists now anyway.

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Bug tracker 
Updated the bug tracker:

* Added Search function - it will search Summary and Description ("Issue") both through wildcard matching (i.e. You search "bite" it finds the word "bite" in "Frostbite" as well as "bite me"). It is NOT Case-Sensitive.
* Consolidated the Realms to WotLK and Cataclysm. The reports through the website will still need to be selected as KA/DA/BA due to the linking in the cores but will be displayed as WotLK or Cataclysm.
* Consolidated viewing of your own issues into [My Issues] for all realms.
* Added paging. The system will show the first 20 results and a Prev/Next for new pages. This is for all pages including search. I know..it doesn't disable these if there are no more pages or previous pages. Frivolous feature imo.
* Moved "Resolved" bugs into their own [Resolved Issues] section. Updated [All Issues] to now be [Current Issues] as in "Open" or "Confirmed" issues.
* Updated the character auto-selector for website bug reports to be the first character you created on the server you are reporting to. This should prevent missing characters..unless you, of course, delete that first character. Previously, it was using the last created character. It needs to use a character because of the tie-in to the cores. I was going to add the account listing but it causes issues on the core report system. This change is NOT retroactive.
* Cleaned up the column headers "OrderBy" system (i.e. When you click "Id" it lists by "Id" either Ascending "1 2 3" or Descending "3 2 1" and will switch between the two). Including this fix into the page numbering system as well. This works for all headers that are not textual.

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Cleaned up the bug tracker layout a bit. Also fixed up some error logs and various item/spell issues in the core. Just some maintenance work.

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Summoned Pets 
Fixed the issue with Summoned Pets. This includes Hunter, Warlock, etc.

Also toned down the memory leak issue so it should be less severe. Not sure if it will help..but the server should be able to run at least a few days before needing a forced reboot. This is just until we figure out the root cause of the problem.

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Kick Ash 
Just wanted to let people know the uptimes on KA are low because we're working out some memory leak issues. It's actually extremely stable aside from that. So, don't let the downtime fool you.

Once I figure out that memory problem..it'll be back to fixing bug reports.

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Due to the lack of updates from core Devs. I decided to revert the core back to the version we ran during the beta tests. I re-applied all the spell/talent fixes we added since then. The two main issues the newer core added were deadlock and instance fixes. I added my own version of these fixes which are much less likely to cause crash problems.

We'll see how it goes on next restart. My luck..it will explode in a ball of fire. But, who knows?

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I've fixed all that I can fix in the core..moved KA back to it's original machine.

There's not much else that I can do at this point. It doesn't make any sense..why was it so stable during beta and now even Dark Ash is crashing with even less people than the Test Server was running? Something had to have changed...

Don't really know where to go from here but to wait for the devs to give an answer. Though they are hopelessly poor programmers to begin with...

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Kick Ash 
Kick Ash is currently hosted on the debug machine..which is not as powerful as the original box. Players may experience some lag or random spikes but we need to do this to get it working. Luckily, it seems the only crashes that have occurred there have been related to things we've added and can be fixed easily.

Linux is just too unstable with this core currently. Hopefully, we will be able to figure out a permanent solution given some time. We may need to switch to Windows for the new core..in which case I'll probably have to dust off my gaming rig and convert it to a permanent host for one of the 3 servers. Windows can host a single server without any issues..but more than one causes severe problems.

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Tracked down a crash issue on the new build and put in a fix for it. Also got debug working on DA now so I can track down crash problems..this will work for Test as well once we get that back up and running.

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All realms up 
All realms are now up and running. Expect a transitional phase with many updates and tweaks needing done over the coming months.

Test Server will be out of commission for a bit as we get the new servers settled down.

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