Database updates 
Test Server will be down for a bit to do Database updates in preparation for the full Cata upgrade coming soon.

Update: Core upgrades and database changes were successful. Now on to the actual Cataclysm process. Still have multitudes of hours of work to convert the DA and KA database.

We've started BA back up since we don't have anything else to do on there. It's ready and working.

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Tame Beast is now working correctly. Ash still needs to fix a few Database issues before characters are cleaned up properly.

You can have your 5 slots, summon using the spells, tame using the tame spell, abandon to free up a slot, and tame into the freed slot. Players that had issues before the fix may still have pet problems. This will be resolved completely during the final transfer before the upgrade. Please keep in mind the fix for the tame spell requires you maintain targeting on the creature you are channeling on or it will fail. You also must -Abandon- the pet to free up a slot..not just dismiss. Pets that die will be Called still in dead state..this is intended. You start with Revive Pet for a reason. The spell will fail taming without an error if you have no slots free.

I also attempted another fix set for a couple of the spells still reported broken in the previous post and fixes to the remaining Warlock list on the Tracker...I can't remember which ones at the moment because my brain is fried from core debugging to find the Tame Pet issues.

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Warlock Rehash 
Not sure if many of these fixes will work. The ones left in this run are very...odd. They mostly don't follow any sort of previous logic.

* Refixed Conflagrate
Currently dealing 1 damage regardless of damage modifiers or caster's Spellpower
- Was checking effect index 1 instead of 2 (0, 1, 2). 1 is the direct damage and 2 is the dot...oops.

* Refixed Fel Armor
Currently still not allowing direct damage spells to heal the Warlock for a percentage of their damage
- Attempted to adjust the proc event

* Refixed Soul Leech
Working - Correctly proccing off Chaos Bolt, Soulfire and Soulburn successful hits and no longer applying Aftermath's daze effect, but still not restoring Mana or proccing replenishment on those spells
- Proc was fixed but the spell it procs was not. Added the two trigger effects

* Refixed Soul Link
Working - Correctly proccing the Soul Link buff, but not transferring a percentage of damage received by the Warlock to his/her summoned demon pet. In addition, the Soul Link buff will be cancelled if any other spell (besides Soul Link)is cast
- I cannot figure out what is causing it to cancel..but I attempted to fix the transfer at least for now. The spell is in the dbc this way to cancel.

* Refixed Bane of Havoc
Still not allowing damage dealt by the Warlock to other targets to also affect the victim of Bane of Havoc
- Attempted a new loop method to try to fix this. Not sure why it's ignoring the loop for the test. Please note that hitting yourself will NOT trigger the effect.

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Wonder what this is 
More spells:

-- Warlock --
* Fixed Fel Flame - Currently not increasing the durations of Immolate or Unstable Affliction on its targets
* Fixed Fel Armor - Currently not allowing single-target spell damage dealt to heal the caster.
* Fixed Shadow and Flame - Currently not proccing off Incinerate
* Fixed Improved Soul Fire - Currently not proccing off successful Soul Fire casts
* Fixed Soul Leech - Currently not granting Mana or proccing Replenishment on Soul Fire, Chaos Bolt and Shadowburn casts, incorrectly proccing off all damaging spells and spell effects (Except Immolate), and incorrectly inflicting the caster with Aftermath's Daze effect when Soul Leech procs
* Fixed Burning Embers - Currently not causing pet Imp Firebolts to apply the Burning Embers debuff
* Fixed Empowered Imp - Currently not granting pet Imp Firebolts a chance to proc its effect
* Fixed Drain Life - Currently not restoring health to the caster

* Fixed Bane of Doom - Currently not having a chance per tick to summon a Demon Guardian (Doomguard/Infernal)
- This is actually supposed to summon an Ebon Imp according to the DBC data. So, it will now have a proc chance on tick to do so. Did not check the Ebon Imp's stats or abilities as of yet.

* Fixed Demon Soul - Currently not granting the Demon Soul buff
- Added the buffs to the trigger but have not tested the buffs themselves.

* Fixed Soul Link - Currently not granting the Soul Link buff
- Not quite sure about this spell and it's functionality..dbc wise. But, I tried to the best I can figure it.

* Fixed Conflagrate - Currently dealing 25% of Immolate's total periodic damage instead of 60%
- Not quite sure about the fix but what they had in there was definitely NOT correct.

* Fixed Aftermath - Currently not granting Rain of Fire a chance to stun targets within its area of effect, and incorrectly causing all direct-damage spells and spell effects (E.G: Seed of Corruption's AOE effect) to proc its Daze effect (Which should only proc on Conflagrate)
- Fixed both effect issues.

* Attempted fix Bane of Havoc - Currently not causing damage dealt by the Warlock to external targets to affect Bane of Havoc's victim as well
- Little hazy on the spell structure for this one. But, I tried to get it as close as possible.

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More spells/talents 
Yep more...

-- Mage --
* Fixed Impact - Currently not allowing Fire Blast to spread Fire damage-over-time debuffs to additional targets while under its effect
* Fixed Improved Flamestrike - Currently not causing Blast Wave to proc a Flamestrike at its location when two or more targets are hit
* Fixed Critical Mass - Currently not proccing off Pyroblast
* Fixed Combustion - Currently not proccing its additional damage-over-time component

* Attempted Fix - Living Bomb - Can be currently applied to more than 3 targets at one time
- There's currently no core support for this type of restriction. I attempted to rewrite it to allow for this.

-- Rogue --
* Fixed Serrated Blades - Currently not granting Eviscerate a chance per combo point to refresh Rupture
* Fixed Cut to the Chase - Currently not allowing Eviscerate or Envenom to refresh the Slice and Dice buff

* Fixed Venomous Wounds - Currently not proccing off Garrote and Rupture ticks on poisoned targets
- Had to slightly modify the formula on returns since it scales with level and we do not have a system to do that in the core.

* Fixed Bandit's Guile - Currently not proccing from either Sinister Strike or Revealing Strike
- Included implementation of the Insight system

* Fixed Improved Expose Armor - Currently not allowing Expose Armor to refund all combo points used when cast
- Could not get the refund spell to work properly. Set it up to not consume the combo points instead.

* Fixed (Update) Find Weakness - Currently proccing from all damaging abilities instead of just Garrote, Cheap Shot and Ambush. Also not allowing attacks to bypass armor when the target is afflicted by the Find Weakness debuff
- Proc Flags looked perfectly fine for this but I reworked them to test a theory. Also, applied the new aura type 'ignore armor %' like Colossus Smash.

Edit: Fixed player kill count reward for Cage Quest. Still need to add BG restriction to it.

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Database cleanup 
Doing some database cleanup. Test Server will be down for a bit.

Edit: Server is back up.

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Spells/Talents, Round Rehash 
Going back through a few issues "newly" discovered in classes I've already done:

-- Hunter --
* Fixed Artisan Quiver (Marksman Specialization) - Currently not increasing ranged autoattack damage
* Possibly Fixed Tame Beast - Timer runs out before actually taming

-- Paladin --
* Fixed Sanctified Wrath - Currently not granting the ability to use Hammer of Wrath while under the effects of Avenging Wrath
* Fixed Long Arm of the Law - Currently not granting Judgement a chance to increase the caster's movement speed when cast on targets at or further than 15 yards away
* Fixed Holy Wrath - Currently stunning all target types instead of just Undead and Demons

* Fixed Repentance - Currently having its effect broken by Censure ticks (Censure was changed to not break Repentance in patch 4.0.6)
- Attempted a break flag for Censure on Repentance

* Fixed Sacred Shield (Absorption Effect) - Currently not scaling with Attack Power, and does not have its internal cooldown of 30 seconds
- Seems it was scaling with Healing Power rather than Attack Power. Probably a legacy calculation. Triggered spell (absorb shield) did not have a cooldown in the DBC so I manually added it.

* Fixed Consecration - Currently not dealing any damage, and not spawning a ground effect
- Noted fixed by devs in a recent update. Not sure if it's true.

-- Warrior --
* Fixed Colossus Smash - Currently not allowing attacks made by the warrior to bypass the armor of the target affected by Colossus Smash
- Updated to 100% armor bypass on Units and 50% bypass on players. Need more info.

-- Shaman --
* Fixed Tidal Waves - Currently increasing the cast times of Greater Healing Wave and Healing Wave instead of reducing them

* Fixed Healing Rain - Currently not healing allies within its area of effect
- This is my last attempt on this goofy broken spell. Whatever Bliz dev wrote this needs kicked in the nuts.

-- Death Knight --
* Fixed Death Coil - Currently healing for 1.34 times its damage amount instead of 3.5
- Umm..well it was set to 2.5 times but now it's set for 3.5 times. Not sure where you got 1.34 times.

* ...Killing Machine - Currently having a guaranteed chance to proc off Autoattacks and all Melee Abilities
- Not sure what to do about this..I set it for White attacks only and people tell me it's all melee attacks...I set it for all melee attacks and people tell me it's white attacks. It's now set for Auto attack only and 5ppm on 3/3 and staying there until I have a good reason to change it anymore.

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Talents/Spells or Spells/Talents if you prefer 
More to come:

* Fixed Torment the Weak - Currently not increasing Arcane spell damage on snared targets
* Fixed Nether Vortex - Currently proccing off Arcane Explosion instead of Arcane Blast
* Fixed Piercing Chill - Currently not causing Frostbolt critical strikes to spread their chill effects to additional targets

* Fixed Fingers of Frost - Currently proccing off any damaging spell instead of only spells with Chill effects (Frostbolt, Cone of Cold, Frostfire Bolt), and is producing 2 Charges per proc instead of 1
- Actually, seems like Rank 3 was not in the DB but Ranks 1 and 2 were. When they're not in the DB..they proc off everything. Also, on refresh it resets the stack count to 2..not sure what that's all about but that's what's in there.

* Fixed Enduring Winter - Currently causing any damaging spell to proc Replenishment, instead of only Frostbolt
- Again, seems like Rank 1 was put in but not 2 and 3. Added and cleaned up the proc table for it.

* Fixed Ice Shards - Currently not causing Blizzard to slow targets within its area of effect
- Attempted a fix...this spell is pretty convoluted in dbc terms.

* Fixed Improved Cone of Cold - Currently freezing the caster as well
- Removed Caster from area target system. Though the core does have a known issue with self-rooting/slowing/freezing may still have issues.

* Fixed Improved Mana Gem - Currently not increasing Spell Power when consuming a Mana Gem
- Added secondary trigger spell to apply the 10sec buff

* Fixed Flame Orb - Currently spawns a Flame Orb which melee autoattacks the Mage's current target instead of moving out in a straight line from the caster's position
- Added script to orb, not sure if it's 100% correct.

* Fixed Time Warp - Currently not causing the Temporal Displacement debuff (Equivalent of Sated and Exhausted debuffs)
- Added secondary "Temporal Displacement" aura apply at Time Warp apply then added Immunities for Heroism, Bloodlust, and Time Warp at apply of Displacement. This is how Sated and Exhaustion work so it should be the same.

I tried to fix up the other ones on that particular report..but I'm not too sure it did anything so I left them as confirmed and unfixable for now.

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Spells/Talents, Round ? 
Some more spell fixes. I'm going to continue through the list then come back and revisit the ones that I missed or screwed up. Feel free to update the bug tracker for any of these that aren't working right still. I will come back to them.

-- DK --
* Fixed Ebon Plaguebringer - Currently not granting Outbreak, Chains of Ice, Icy Touch and Plague Strike the ability to proc Ebon Plague
* Fixed Crimson Scourge - Currently proccing on melee attacks even when the target is not affected by Blood Plague
* Fixed Contagion - Currently not increasing damage dealt by diseases spread through Pestilence

* Fixed Sudden Doom - Currently having a guaranteed chance to proc off melee autoattacks instead of a percentage chance
- Changed to 5, 10, and 15% chance. There's no information on this in the spell table but this is my best guess at the percentages.

* Fixed Summon Gargoyle - The Gargoyle Strike ability is currently scaling at 25% of the caster's Attack Power instead of 40%
- It actually didn't appear to be scaling with AP at all but based on level as far as I can tell. Added scaling on AP

* Fixed Dancing Rune Weapon - Currently dealing a flat 3 damage per melee autoattack instead of scaling with its caster's autoattack damage (All other mirrored abilities are scaling correctly), and not granting additional Parry to the caster
- Will mirror your melee attacks now instead of attacking on it's own. Player will proc the parry bonus at summon of pet - it may last slightly less or more than the pet itself but this is to be expected (shouldn't be more than 1 tick or so).

*Morbidity - Currently only increasing Death and Decay's Base Damage (Unmodified by Attack Power) by 30% (Instead of total damage)
- Umm..I don't see how this would even remotely be possible. AP Coefficients are applied BEFORE spell mods..this is how it has been coded since before WotLK.

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I assure you I'm alive and kicking. I'm still working on the server and still fixing things. We've just been working on internal things and logistics for the coming conversion. I will get back to the spells and talents soon.

We've now fixed the disabled view talent button, guild permissions/banking/controls, vehicles, and added a temp-fix command for achievements until we figure out how to permanently fix the achievement loading. Newer, Cataclysm-released, vehicles will not work until we discover the vehicle IDs for those creature entries. Code is all there..just waiting for the ID numbers. Unfortunately, those ID numbers are only processed/used server-side so there is no way to obtain them from a DBC file or anything. It's basically guess and test or packet dumping. I'm sure someone will come up with the values eventually. The IDs themselves are stored in a vehicle dbc file but there's no correlation from this file to a creature entry it belongs to..the server handles all this assignment.

Achievements work completely 100% server-side but they are not sent to the player at login because the packet structure has changed. Ash added a command in to fix this using my debug code .fixachievements I believe it is called. This will send your character all the achievements you've earned on your character in one giant can take a bit of time and lag you out for a second. So, with that in mind, it has been restricted to once per login and once per x amount of time to prevent abuse and client lag issues. This command is only temporary and very hacky but it does fix all your achievements.

I also went back and cleaned up some of my code for various older fixes using my new spellinfo command. I still need to go back and fix spell removals using the new database table. Works fine the way it is..but it needs to be updated just for clarity's sake later on.

I should be able to fix the rest of the (fixable) spell and talent problems before we release.

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