Putting the finishing touches on the first phase of seven for the new game system I'm working god this is going to take forever....

But, it'll be pretty awesome! I've built this on several other games before but I'm tweaking the ruleset with a slightly WoW-ish theme and making it a bit more hands-on than my previous incarnations. Should be quite entertaining and it certainly has more replay value than what WoW currently has to offer.

Oh and I'll be adding the Pet Cage as a donation option in the next couple days. Wanted to give you hard workers a head start. It'll probably have a lowish coin requirement as you're allowed to have multiples. Remember, donations aren't just 'buying items'. It's a way to help the server..something which is desperately needed right now. The donation amounts are set the way they are so it is more likely if you're donating, you're doing it for the right reasons.

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House Cleaning 
Cleared out all forum accounts that have never even logged into their account after activation and those who have not activated.

Also, installed a new activation system. I'll be adding more filters and anti-spam measures throughout the week even if I have to build them myself.

Released fixes for non-standard pets that were conflicting with the fix for Earth/Fire Elemental Totems. Should fix up the missing spirit wolf and the other couple issues reported on the tracker. I should note too that the fact pet cage pets cannot be healed/buffed by players is -intentional-. They were never meant to replace Hunter/DK/etc pets. They are to supplement the team not take over a role. Pet cage pets may heal and buff each-other though.

They become quite powerful when they are maxed out and a team of buffable, healable pets would be extremely overpowered. Trust me, I tested it. If we did add the ability to be healed/buffed, we would need to rewrite the stats system to account for that. Not something I'm jumping up to do but I may decide to tweak it in the future.

Keep in mind that these pets, while now they may look worthless, have months of potential that can be worked into them through feeding. I tested many configurations and they are all fully sustainable so long as you make sure you have a team-mate with a support based pet as well. Their self-heals are quite efficient.

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I'm really getting tired of these spam-bots and Denial of Service pieces of crap.

Spamming doesn't even make them any money...people aren't going to click the god damn links and what's the point in hammering the page to the point of it not loading? That's REALLY going to get more people to view your useless spam. I wonder if these people running the bots realize how moronic they really are. I really want to pull a Jay & Silent Bob on them and just track down all the posters to beat the crap out of them. Sadly, we already know they're so idiotic it would be like beating on the retarded kid in class.

I've managed to set up enough blocks to prevent it from being easy to spam and now they started DoSing our forums. Sending a message out to our host to see if they can step in and help with this retardation.

Edit: Turned on the website logging at the request of our host so we can track down the source of the DoS attacks.

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Still snowing here. Hopefully it doesn't freeze over and kill the power lines like it did last year.

Restarted all realms at 2am with all the reported bugs in the Cage quest chain up to this point. It also included several bug fixes from the tracker though I can't recall off the top of my head which ones...

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Snowstorm =/ 
Pretty nasty snowstorm heading our way. We may lose power sometime through the night. I'll post if it gets any worse and I'm awake so the server won't just disappear without notice.

Kalecgos is fixed on the test server as is Nightbane. I'll put the fixes in later tonight. Can't compile on linux without it causing issues on the MySQL server...not sure why it decided to start doing that. Luckily there are 4 quest chains not just the one so at least people have something to do while waiting.

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All done 
All servers are now up and running with the Pet Cage and quests enabled. I noticed a ticket on KA saying the Kalecgos fight was not working. I'm not sure if they're just nuts or if something has changed recently.

Last I had heard this fight was working. I'll ask Ash if he has any insight as he was the one to get this working before I came around.

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One down, two pain in the asses to go 
DA is now live with the Pet Cage. Though I have not spawned the Herald to continue the quest until I'm sure I've fixed everything.

If you'd like to glimpse the quest chains, take a look here

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Getting there 
The pet is just about ready for release.

I've finished writing up most of the SQL queries I'm going to have to run before compiling the new core. I'll most likely take the servers down either later tonight or early tomorrow depending on how things are looking.

Thought I'd mention a few things that were discussed in the comments from the previous post:

Feeding your pet specific items does not guarantee you will gain a specific stat, it only increases your chances. For example, if I feed my pet a Crossbow, it has roughly double the chance of gaining Agility as it does gaining any other stat not 100% chance. This is to help flesh out lacking stats and alleviate issues arising from stacking too much of one stat. Also, it adds a bit of dumb luck to your ability to create the 'perfect' pet. I find slight randomization to be mildly entertaining.

You will, eventually, be given an option to 'reset' your pet but this will not be a cheap option. This is to encourage trading/exchanging pets as a commodity. Pet Cages will not be Unique or Bound so you could (theoretically) trade and carry as many pets as you would like (They are 'unique-summoned' though, you cannot have more than one out at a time). The pet's abilities are tied into the item itself not the player thereby making them tradable and increasing their value.

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Ash Realms Pet Cage 
Well, thanks to Elazul and a few others...the Ash Realms Pet Cage is almost ready for release. It's up and running on test right now..complete with the entire quest chain. You can pick up a '?' icon'd Cage from the vendor in Shattrath near Crazy Freddie at the portals if you want to test it out on the Test Server (The finished product will have an Icon when it goes live, this is just for testing/tracking). I've added the gossip text so people should be able to understand better how the pet actually works.

Note, it will not have any ability to fight or anything until you upgrade it passed the first morph tier which is when one of the stats' total reaches 100+.

I've decided to not make the quest chains repeatable. The item is tradable (including all stats, skills, etc) to anyone and you can carry multiples (though not run multiples at the same time). So, you can upgrade it and if you don't like it, you can trade it to someone else for a different (or empty) one.

The chain starts with the Prizes NPC in Orgrimmar/Darnassus if you'd like to test it out. Though, I cannot guarantee all the NPCs will be present to complete the chain as the test server does get sporadic database updates. I did add the Herald custom npc for the main part of the chains though.

*Note: Be sure to clear your cache. There are a lot of new items, npcs, and events required to make the questchains work.

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Well, thanks to some contributing players, the quest chain for the item is almost done. I just need to put something together on Test to see how it looks/works. I started working on a new project as well no details on that one.

Ash has created a [facebook page] for us, finally =P Now I just need to transfer my autoupdater to there. Which I can do as soon as I get the login information ><

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