Got a few updates coming out for the cata servers. Still haven't figured out the "Healer using cage pet" problem. But, I'm in the process of fixing it.

Cage Pets:
*Draconic Rage - Currently granting 20% Melee and Spellcasting Haste regardless of the pet's agility level
-I checked this spell using debug code and it's definitely adding the proper amount of haste..though it may not be on client side. It does a simple +% to haste by a specific amount manually put in. No dbcs or anything to screw it up.
*Arcane Haste - Currently granting 650 bonus spell power and 20% spell haste regardless of the pet's intellect level
-Secondary proc aura was not pulling values from primary. It will now.
*Pets have no melee attack distance when in Aggressive mode
-Adjusted melee distance to 10.0f (roughly 8 yards give or take).
*Thundershock has range of 5yards
-Not sure what's up with this spell..since the cast range is set at 30yrds and the AOE distance is 5yrds from target. Modified distance to 40yrds and aoe to 8yrds for further testing
*Electric Discharge
-Same as Thundershock except the aoe part.
*Stamina Pet Revisit
-The Stamina pet will now receive an Ultimate ability (1000+ Stamina) that is much improved - 20% of all damage taken by it's owner is redirected to itself and all incoming damage (including the redirected damage) is reduced by 50%.

*Succubus pet Seduction has no DR
-Adjusted this and other fear flagged spells for DR (some fears are not yet flagged properly)

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