For Those That Keep Asking 
The plans for the servers are pretty straight forward at this point. There's not much of anything that can be done right now to upgrade to 4.3 because every patch breaks it again..and there are many planned from Blizzard up to MoP expansion. We don't plan on doing any major changes at least until that point.

If you take a look at the Core Devs websites, you'll see that they as well have not been updated in months. This is because it's near impossible to keep up and there are several roadblocks along the way.

I will be revisiting upgrade options after the new expansion comes out..but until then, do not expect any major revisions. As I've said many times already..we both have lives and neither are willing to give anyone else access to do updates..because (as has been proven before) it will not go well.

For the record, I have a 4.3 server working but I'm not releasing it because it causes more crashes and stability issues than anything. It also will take months to add all our custom changes into it. By then, the next patch or expansion even will be out..breaking everything that was done. When Blizzard calms down on major revisions, we will consider moving forward.

Repairs and updates that don't involve 4.3+ are welcome suggestions and I will work on them periodically as I have free time. Ash also checks the bug tracker for quests, items, and other related fixes pretty much daily. It's not like we're standing still..

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