Just an update on what's going on here. Not much to report on the server..still trying to crunch out these numbers and figure out how to get the latest patch working.

Been working on a couple projects around my house that have needed attention and a mobile app that I've been wanting to do forever. Not much else to do for the server until I can work out the patch issues. If you're curious about the app, you can load it from here. It's built specifically for my phone (Optimus S) and android 2.1. So, don't expect it to look right on your phone. I used to play Momir/Jhoira Basic on MTG Online and wanted a way to play it in real life..so, I built an app that queries Wizard's Gatherer API and pulls random cards using the rules from the Momir/Jhoira Vanguard. It has options to go to previous (Menu button) and next (Back button) cards and an option to clear the cache to start over (Search button). Purely an app just for me..but..whatever =P

So far the issues with 4.3+ come down to the extractors for data files being horrible broken/out of date and the opcodes being completely wrong. Not much good getting the latest patch loaded if you can't even speak..cast spells..or talk to NPCs..heh. There are other cores with more working for 4.3 but they have less working in other core elements or stability issues. It's not ready.

I'm sure either I or the core devs will figure it out eventually. I'll probably start back on our bug reports here soon if nothing gets figured out.

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