Few minor updates 
-- Doomlord Kazzak: --
*Fixed crash bug in his script that caused the most recent KA crash.

-- Combat Ratings: --
*Added hard caps to percentage-based combat ratings dealing with taking damage (Resilience, Dodge, Block, Parry). These hard caps are way above the mark for diminishing returns and will only affect lower levels with broken scaling. It's not generally possible to hit those caps without something being broken or incorrect due to diminishing returns and limited slots.
*Added fix for level 1 CR scaling..should improve the ridiculous numbers a bit when combined with the fix above.

-- Bug Tracker: --
*Added in-game spell tip text parser and linked to wowhead.

-- Armory: --
*Started work on the quest and item display sections. Linked the tooltips in the character section directly into the item view section and started work on layout. Fixed some bugs with displaying and a few minor tweaks to increase efficiency.

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