Reforge, Grim Batol, etc 
-- Reforging: --
*Completely implemented the reforge system which can be accessed from the Reforge NPCs as per retail. The main change from retail is that the minimum reforge cost is now 500 gold instead of 1 gold. But, it still uses the retail formula otherwise.
Note: This change will wipe all random suffix item stats due to the change in the enchantment system storage. You may need to reacquire those items or may find that the items' stats have changed. This should not affected any other enchantments.

-- Cogwheel Sockets: --
*I also went ahead and implemented the Cogwheel slots and visualization of reforge and cogwheel when viewing items. They should now save properly and apply their bonuses.

-- Random Suffix (i.e. "of the Mammoth"): --
*Aside from the wipe of random suffixed items as noted above, I also fixed an issue with random items that have more than 3 stats not applying those stats when equipped.

-- Gundrak: --
*Due to an exploit, ash ticket drops are removed from Gundrak bosses.

-- Grim Batol: --
*Erudax - Finished coding the effects for Shadow Gale. Script should now be completely done.

These changes will not be in for at least a few hours from now (and the next restart after that) as they are major changes and require a full rebuild of the core.

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