Few more class updates 
-- Paladin: --
*Retribution Aura - Not gaining from spellpower
-Added a hardcoded 3.3% coefficient.

-- Death Knight: --
*Threat of Thassarian - Gaining from offhand Death Strike
-I believe this should be resolved by simply removing the heal effect off the offhand strike
*Unholy Command - Not resetting cd on Death Grip on kb
-Added cooldown trigger to killing blow on xp or honor target.

-- Shaman: --
*Stormstrike and Primal Strike are not being considered melee attacks for the purpose of weapon imbue procs.
-Added Main and Off hand proc flags to Storm Strike and Main hand proc flag to Primal Strike. Should be considered melee attacks for procs now.

-- Mage: --
*Fingers of Frost - Currently not allowing Ice Lance to deal damage as if the target was frozen
-Added check for frozen -or- Fingers instead of just Frozen.
*Flame Orb - Currently having a spellpower coefficient of 5% instead of 50%
-As far as I can tell, this had no coefficient at all anywhere. Can only assume the 5% was in a margin of error. Added coefficient.
*Molten Shields - Currently not allowing Blazing Speed to proc when Mage Ward disappates from absorbing damage.
-Added proc at removal on damage if you have Blazing Speed talented.

-- Warlock: --
*Mana Feed - Granting 1% of your max mana whenever your minion's Basic Attack hits instead of 4% of your max mana whenever your minion's Basic Attack crits.
-Added critical check to proc. The spell is hardcoded to be 2% or 4% not 1%. So, I highly doubt that part of the report.
*Imp - Firebolt not scaling with the master's spellpower
-Scaling for this has been in the core for quite some time..using the formula on the spell.
*Succubus - Lash of Pain not scaling with spellpower
-Added scaling

Added crash fix for the last two crashes on KA.

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