Armory (Guild) 
Implemented the Guild tab to show guild listings. Clicking a guild on the list shows all the members and clicking a member shows his char page (equipment etc). Page flipping and search works in all areas of the guild tab.

Not quite sure what other stats to list in this's pretty boring. I think printing the MotD or description would be an invasion of privacy and I don't yet have a way to properly display the emblems.

Keep in mind page loading will still take awhile until all the item icons are created. Each time a new item that doesn't have an icon is accessed (by viewing a character in the Armory) it must extract that image. This can take a bit of time..but it never has to be done for that item again for anyone..ever.

Update: Added empty slot place holders for slots with no item on equipment view page.

Update2: Added search to guild member list.

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