Compiled the latest build. It's ready to go on next restart for all realms.

* Implemented Spell Penetration on Items and modified formulas to use implemented values.
* Crash fixes for: Map, Map::loaded, Scriptdev, ObjectUpdate, EffectQuestComplete, and more.
* Implemented Pacify/Transform for all Units (previously only Players)
* New Year's gift combat script is completed; need to finish the gossip menus - it compiled on all cores correctly so far.
* Update Freya's and Yogg's scripts based on Bug Tracker reports.
* Several Glyph and Spell proc event fixes (Howling Blast included).

The New Year's gift should be ready to test very soon..intelligence script seems to be functioning. The database is created and functioning correctly. Now, I just have to finish up all the gossip/quest menus and it will be ready for testing. I'm still trying to figure out how I want to balance stats...slow progression or time locked..not sure. Of course, none of this makes sense to you guys since you don't know what the gift is...but it's fun..like waving a carrot in front of a rabbit.

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