Few updates 
Compiled and ready to go for this week. More updates to come throughout the week as usual.

Updates include:
* No-Lock items properly storing ID on server restart and dungeon resets.
* Unstuck Tool now removes auras at revive (i.e. Nightelf Wisp form speed buff)
* DK Ghoul non-mastery script - was not attacking due to LOS issue with new grid system.
* Fear (Fleeing Movement Generator) was not using the GetHeight() validation function causing players to fall through the floor.
* Call of Elements mana cost
* Relogging dead will no longer cause BoP items to bind when they should not.
* Glyphs of Shred, Starfire, and Backstab
* Rebuilt Cell/Grid system from the ground up - dev system was just...broken. If you want something done right, do it yourself I guess.
* VH's portals were causing crashing problems for some reason - I put a fix in to prevent it but usually only see that crash if someone spawns a VH portal outside of VH. Strange.

I'm attempting to get a new x-mas present done for our players. But, who knows if I'll get it done in time..sigh. Eh..if it isn't done in time, we can just make it a new year gift. I'm only in the early planning stages..nothing like waiting until the last minute..hehe

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