Damn brain 
Well, I was working on the website...but, I got the damn arena system stuck in my head and couldn't think about anything else...so

-- Arena: --
*Same-faction teams not able to attack each other
-Added several more checks to the friendly/hostile spell system and the cross-faction system. Should alleviate issues with fighting same-faction arena opponents.
*Rating rewards giving out severely low values
-Adjusted the rating rewards system to be 15 to 96 and -5 to 0 as per retail. Scales linearly based on opponent vs your rating.

These fixes will be in next restart.

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In case anyone is wondering 
Haven't been putting out many update posts lately because I'm working on the website. After that, I'm going to get back into spells and talents. Then, cycle back around to scripts again.

Right now, I'm just working on fixing bugs with the armory. I want to work on it and get as much as possible done before I get bored with it. Hoping to start at least some partial work on the global chat as well so that I can tie it into the website.

Won't be getting many update posts because most of the work is tweaking and back-end stuff at this point. When there's something to actually look at..I'll post further.

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Some ridiculous reports going on lately. Must be the weather or a full moon or something...

Anyway, I started cleaning up and implementing features on the Armory. Item, Quest, and NPC listing/searching is fully functional. Still need to add more cross-referencing and data to the displays.

Linked the Character page into the item display, the item listing into item display, npc listing into display, and quest listing into display. Still need to add Relational Quest Data into items and Item Relational Data into NPCs and Quests. Started work on Talents/Achievements and cross references for them. Those two still need a lot of work so they're disabled for now.

Removed the erroneous 'fix' to PW Barrier and Shield (Removed awhile ago..just thought I should make it official). I guess I'll have to start researching provided references more closely..the page was outdated and from an old PTR discussion. Sigh.

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-- Core: --
*Arena Teams - "Fixed" the problem with Arena Team matching. Removed the rating match checks completely.
*Stances and Attack Speed - Fixed all stance/form related attack speed issues (Where it would reduce or drop your attack speed as though you were bare handed). This should fix the exploits with Warrior Stances, slow downs with Lich and any other spells that use the Shapeshift system.
*PW:B & PW:S - Fixed stacking issue.

-- Scripts: --
*Assembly - BoT: Fixed bug with phasing of Elementium and being able to single pull bosses.
*Valiona & Theralion - BoT: Same single pull issue fixed as above.
*Naxx - Fixed several crash problems related to instance scripts.

Note: These fixes are built and ready to load next restart.

I also finally got my personal machines hooked up in the computer room along with our media PC and the several server machines. Seems like everything is running fine so far. Yay, thank god for that. I hooked my laptop into my KVM switch too heh..seems kind of wierd using a keyboard, mouse, and monitor on a machine that already has all 3..but it saves a lot of desk space. Not to mention, this monitor is nearly twice the size. No more squinting.

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Well, I think I figured out the problem with the arena ratings and the bug with stances (which includes all the problems related to melee speed changing on some abilities).

I'll see if I can get something worked up but I want to get all the fixes in from the feedback on the dungeon/raid scripts first.

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*High Priestess Azil - Energy Shield is persisting after her platform phase ends.
-Added removal at phase end.

Will be in next restart.

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Cleaned up all the scripts, npcs, spawns, immunities, scriptnames, spells, and stats for Stonecore, Grim Batol, and Bastion of Twilight. Added in all spawn points and scripts for BoT on both servers. Rebuilding core as we speak.

I also included a tweak to base stats on the mobs for those dungeons (and raid) and the restricted list for customs. Rebuilt the custom proc restriction system from the ground up to be easily updated/reloaded and shared between DA/KA.

These updates should be good to go on the next (un)planned restart. Unless it decides to restart before 11pm EST..which is about when the Linux server will finish building.

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Nearing completion 
Looks like everything important is finished..just need to add the scripts to all the spells and npcs. That will have to wait until tomorrow. I was going to add texts but this guy is a spammer. Going to hold off on texts until I can find the sound IDs. Building the core now so I can get it ready. I did not move over the pvp spell restrictions to the live core yet...I have a few more changes I need to add to it first.


--- Checklist: ---
* Conversion - [Done]
* Fury of Cho'gall - [Done]
* Corrupting Adherents - [Done]
* Twisted Devotion - [Done]
* Festering Blood - [Done]
* Corruption of the Old God - [Done]
* Corrupted Blood - [Done]
* Corruption: Acclerated - [Done]
* Corruption: Sickness - [Done]
* Corruption: Malformation - [Done]
* Corruption: Adsolute - [Done]
* Corrupting Crash - [Done]
* Depravity - [Done]
* Debilitating Beam - [Done]
* Empowered Shadows [Done]
* Flaming Destruction - [Done]
* Blood of the Old God - [Done]
* Shadow Lord - [Done]
* Fire Elemental - [Done]
* Darkened Creation - [Done]
* Phase 1 - [Done]
* Phase 2 - [Done]
* Portals - [Done]
* Creature Texts - [] - Bypassed too much fluff
* Creature Sounds - [] - Bypassed can't find sound IDs

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Cho'gall Breakdown (Note to self) 
-- Bastion of Twilight: --
-Conversion: Cannot get aura to stick and allow attacks. Will most likely have to write up a trigger stalker.
-Fury of Cho'gall: Working to spec
-Corrupting Adherent: Summoning done, Festering blood done, abilities done, and now just need to write despawn checks at phase end. Oh and corpse trigger for Spilled blood aoes.
-Corrupted Blood Mechanic: Accelerated, Sickness, Malformed, and Absolute done. Accelerated ping aura done. Fester spray and Sickness spray both done (adds corruption). Corruption counting and triggers done. Need to add corruption triggers to other mob scripts (Old blood, Adherents, etc)
-Flame & Shadow Orders: Summoning done, scripts need work. Spells scripted. Portals not visible..cannot find aura. Despawn and buff spells proc on Cho'gall if move to within range (25yrds per dbc).
Phase 2:
-Darkened Creations: Summoning done...need to write corruption proc.
-Corruption of the Old God: Aura proc not working..needs to be re-scripted to bypass invalid dbc data.

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And some more 
-- Bastion of Twilight: --
*Ascendant Council
-Arion: Finished all visual aspect and (de)buffs..fixed timers and cleaned up. Fixed all the spells and spell scripts.
-Terrastra: Gravity Well is now finished as are both the primary attacks and the secondary debuffs (arion and terr). Cleaned up and fixed all the spells and scripts.
-Elementium Monstrosity: Fully scripted including all four major abilities and all visual aspects. Cleaned up spawn timers and switching. Can't find the correct visual for the transformation unfortunately.
*Cho'gall - Mostly completed..having some issues with the vomit visuals and getting the debuffs to stick. Not sure if I'm going to be able to get conversion to work correctly..but I will figure something out.

Bastion of Twilight is taking a bit longer than I'd have preferred...but, it is coming together nicely so far.

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