Getting there. 
I've implemented Aura 262 (Warbringer, Fingers of Frost, etc), put in a preliminary version of a better anti-cheat but it's disabled for now. I've also added some fixes for Paladin T10 procs and ICC Raid is about 75% done at the moment. I've not added the scripts to any of the NPCs nor have I spawned them on the test server. Not happy with the look yet. Oh and some fixes for Druid Shapeshift forms.

But, we're getting there. Seems to be running pretty well on Test. I need to get the new creature_movement_template table or whatever they called it put in or pathed mobs will not work correctly.

Should definitely be releasable after we do the server move back to it's home (Probably this weekend).

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Few more updates 
Added Vellums, Divine Storm, Hymns, Mechanic Bleed, Warbringer root removal, and a few other fixes into the Test Server.

Very close to being releasable. I'm aiming to get the conversions done and then finish up the rest of ICC. Once these are completed, then I will push all the updates to DA/KA. My target is to have them all finished up before September.

This new build fixes a ton of broken things on both servers. I've been noticing all the errors between the two as I've been updating and they are extensive.

I still see some issues with Map loaded (Which is a problem on Bad Ash even) and some minor issues with SpellAuraHolders but most everything else seems ok.

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Test Server update 
I've finished transferring Cross-Faction teaming, Flying in Azeroth, .stuck, .xprate, and a few other modifications.

Getting there..slowly but surely. Only maybe a dozen of mods that need to be moved over. I've found a ton of discrepancies between the new core and KA/DA that could very well explain the instabilities (Those not related to spellauraholders, of course).

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So, I created my own branch off of mangos dev version and am in the process of manually adding our fixes one by one. This will eliminate the bugs caused by git revisioning, hopefully.

It is going to take me a great deal of time to do. But, as I finish each set of updates, I add them into the core and put them on the test server.

So far, I have converted: All DK fixes, Instance resets, vet rewards, custom npc fixes, flying trinkets in Azeroth, battle mounts (partially), Random Battle Form, Blight/Vengeance stacking, My custom stats formulas for players and pets, cross-faction gearing (but not cross-faction teaming yet), Custom no-bind system, BoA, map/getmap/getpet crash fixes, map loaded crash fixes, and probably more stuff I forgot.

Going to add a Test Server section into the Bug Tracker.

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Well what do you know... 
The reset of the router updated the speeds. Customer service was right for a change.

Did not put the latest core onto KA due to some proc issues. Ash is talking about coming over today (Sunday) to take a look and see if we can figure out the mess. My attempt to fix it by hand resulted in Warrior Stances not working anymore.

Might have to convert the whole core to the new aura proc system and bypass the spellholders part.

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Bug Tracker update 
Enabled registration. Registering to the bug tracker allows you to track the bugs you've submitted and see any updates related to them in the "My View" section. Makes it a lot easier to see if what you were wanting fixed has gotten fixed or needs more information.

The faster things get responded to the faster they get fixed. Which, I imagine, you guys would consider a good thing.

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Had to restart DA 
Was having issues building update values in what I can only assume was the cross faction teaming section. Looks like it might be related to the bandwidth problem.

I've tried to streamline it a bit as it was making dozens of extra unnecessary checks and loaded it to the current build.

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Just to let people know 
So far, there has not been any crashes on Dark Ash with the new build for 3 days. It's uptime is lower because of a net issue on that computer not due to the core. That's better than the current core on KA that would crash twice a day on DA.

Just need to add a few missing changes for a couple previous spell fixes and it should be ready for KA.

BA has been running strong for 11days, that's a new record. Sadly, I may have to restart all servers in order to reset the router and get the new net speed. Customer Service tells me the speed update has already gone through and resetting it should fix it. I'll believe that when I see it.

So, once I'm ready to put the core in, I'll be resetting all servers. There will be an announcement beforehand but it should be sometime this weekend or Monday. Depends on how populated the servers are. I prefer to take them down when they're not at peak or near peak.

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New updates 
Fixed a few talents/spells and moved them over to the next version in the Bug Tracker. They are now running on the Test Realm.

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Updated bug tracker 
Disabled all e-mail notifications. I was getting tired of all the freaking spam.

Also, loaded a new proc function that was missing from the core. Should fix some of the things that were proccing when they should not have been. Mostly things with aura type 231 (Proc trigger spell with value) like Rime.

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