New build compiled 
New core is up and running on the Test Server. Be sure to stop by and try it out. We need to see how it's going to work before we put it up on the live realms.

Quicker we get feedback, the faster we can get it moved over to the live realms.

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Updated Version Numbers 
Instead of using the Blizzard revision numbers for our version tracker, I decided to use the month the version was started (i.e. 08-2010 August). Then I move issues into that version's roadmap and check them off as they are completed. Once all the issues are fixed and compiled onto the server, I can mark that version as "Released" and create the next version.

Then people can report issues with the previous version and so on. This should make tracking bugs quite a bit easier and should help people to know what to expect.

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Modified Bug Tracker 
Removed the integrated feature of the Bug Tracker as it was causing crowding.

Also, I enabled the roadmap feature and revision numbers for all the projects. Now, I can move issues over that I am currently working on and you can see a map of progress on each issue.

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Added link to blog on website 
I tried integrating the blog but it was just too crammed.

I've added it as an external link to the General section of the front page.

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Exodar/Azuremyst map crashes on DA/KA are fixed. 
Discovered the map crash issues on KA/DA for people trying to enter areas of Azuremyst/Exodar. They are now fixed.

Please note: If you have map crashes in an area, use the unstuck tool on the website and then report the area. Try to be as detailed as possible.

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Integrated bug tracker with website 
Integrated the bug tracker with the front page here

Fixed Chrome and IE support. As with everything on the internet: All our pages are best viewed in Firefox.

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Bug list will be starting over using the new Bug Tracker 
The bug list will be starting over when the new build is put in. Many things have changed in this new build so all our lists will be invalidated.

Implemented a new bug tracking system as is outlined here

Should be easier to maintain than all these forum posts and lists...or so I hope. It has some interesting mapping and tracking
features. Seems to also have pretty decent comment abilities though I have not tested those yet.

Feel free to play around with it on the anonymous account. I will be wiping it clean anyway when we get the new core
ready to go.

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New blog created 
Well, people have requested it ever since I started my Test Server thread on the forums. So, here it is: my blog with all information pertaining to what I am currently working on.

It will take me a few days to get everything lined out.

Testing popups:
[Enticing Sabatons]

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