Solved the Cage Pet deletion problem. It will now despawn if you zone/teleport/logout or if you trade/mail/delete/auction the cage. It will remove itself from the database if the cage is deleted.

I was considering adding a new feed option for special items that will increase a specific stat a specific amount for customizing pets and perhaps one to reset.

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I feel old 
Back has been killing me lately but I managed to get the pet nearly 100% functional. Can't get the damn thing to delete itself when you change maps. Well, it would die if another player was nearby it and you left but when there are no players on the map, creatures do not "exist" to the update/ai system. There's also some issues with the melee damage calculations so normal attacks may be light during testing and if you tested previously, you will need to delete the Cage and purchase a new one. It has been updated heavily.

Got all the models scaled, all the spells are working, added a GCD to the AI system, cleaned up the feeding/morphing system, fixed some follow-speed issues, and fixed an issue with the script breaking after a fight. Needs more testing but it's working fairly well so far.

Some interesting things to know:

* Has an interactive gossip system for training and stats information built directly into the pet.
* Can be fed 5 times per day (reset at dungeon reset daily)
* You can feed it a piece of Armor or a Weapon but it must be iLevel = Creature Level * 3 (i.e. A level 80 pet needs iLevel 240+). This will increase a random stat based on the item given and will scale with the iLevel. So, you could pass the pet to a lower level but the returns on the items given will be less than a level 80.
* Skills are automatically learned at stat tiers (Currently 100 to 800) and any skills from any stat tiers can be mixed and matched depending on pet's stats.
* There are DPS, Tank, Stealth, Nuker, and Healer stats/skill trees which all scale based on level and stats.
* Certain skills will interact with other pets and group members, certain monster types, etc.
* Pet automatically determines the best skills to use in any situation. It may decide to hang back and heal if it is spirit-based, it may stealth before combat and charge the enemy, or it may even try to pull aggro if it has the option.
* Pet Cage is transferable to any other player and the pet will retain all it's stats and skills for whoever uses that specific cage.
* The system is designed to be modular and upgradable so new features, models, spells/skills can be added fairly easy.

New core is compiled on test and will be ready for live realms soon. Most of these fixes are by Ash but they're in my Git log so here you go.


* Glyph of Arcane Shot
* Monstrous Bite
* Riptide to include caster's spell power
* Ferocious Inspiration
* Animal Handler
* Moved the Gurubashi Event to Azshara Crater and prevented custom item spell procs.
* And more.

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Yay models 
Updated the New Year's gift to change forms as it progresses. There are 20 possible combinations so far. I should also note that it currently has a 15min timer on use but that will be reduced to 30secs or so since unsummoning and resummoning brings it back at subpar anyway.

Compiled and running on test.

I've also got quite a few more crash fixes put in for next update. I just have not had a chance to get them moved over to the real servers yet. Will get to it asap.

P.S. The models havent been resized yet so they may be too large or small currently.

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Finished the coding side of the gossip options for the New Year's gift and added it to the Bad Ash Item npc in Shatt on test. Expect the server to crash and not be reloaded if you do go try to test it. I haven't worked out all the bugs yet and I'm going to sleep.

Have not finished the model system for it, yet. I want to get all the coding bugs worked out before I start working on models. The gossip options are in place but the templates are using the generic "Hello" text for now. Eventually, it will include some chat and descriptions.

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Compiled the latest build. It's ready to go on next restart for all realms.

* Implemented Spell Penetration on Items and modified formulas to use implemented values.
* Crash fixes for: Map, Map::loaded, Scriptdev, ObjectUpdate, EffectQuestComplete, and more.
* Implemented Pacify/Transform for all Units (previously only Players)
* New Year's gift combat script is completed; need to finish the gossip menus - it compiled on all cores correctly so far.
* Update Freya's and Yogg's scripts based on Bug Tracker reports.
* Several Glyph and Spell proc event fixes (Howling Blast included).

The New Year's gift should be ready to test very soon..intelligence script seems to be functioning. The database is created and functioning correctly. Now, I just have to finish up all the gossip/quest menus and it will be ready for testing. I'm still trying to figure out how I want to balance stats...slow progression or time locked..not sure. Of course, none of this makes sense to you guys since you don't know what the gift is...but it's waving a carrot in front of a rabbit.

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Insert Random Subject Here 
I've often wondered what the point of a subject header is on most of these blog entries. Most of them time, you could just use the first line as the header link and it would be accurate.

Anyway, I've finished quite a bit of the new feature...a few more days and I should be able to start testing on the Test Server. I'll add the ability for other people to test it out when I do so.

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A little less than halfway done coding the gift. Does not look like it will be fine tuned enough for x-mas. Oh well, New Year's it is.

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Few updates 
Compiled and ready to go for this week. More updates to come throughout the week as usual.

Updates include:
* No-Lock items properly storing ID on server restart and dungeon resets.
* Unstuck Tool now removes auras at revive (i.e. Nightelf Wisp form speed buff)
* DK Ghoul non-mastery script - was not attacking due to LOS issue with new grid system.
* Fear (Fleeing Movement Generator) was not using the GetHeight() validation function causing players to fall through the floor.
* Call of Elements mana cost
* Relogging dead will no longer cause BoP items to bind when they should not.
* Glyphs of Shred, Starfire, and Backstab
* Rebuilt Cell/Grid system from the ground up - dev system was just...broken. If you want something done right, do it yourself I guess.
* VH's portals were causing crashing problems for some reason - I put a fix in to prevent it but usually only see that crash if someone spawns a VH portal outside of VH. Strange.

I'm attempting to get a new x-mas present done for our players. But, who knows if I'll get it done in time..sigh. Eh..if it isn't done in time, we can just make it a new year gift. I'm only in the early planning stages..nothing like waiting until the last minute..hehe

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Still working 
I've been trying to track down these crash problems.

Two of them are core problems that cannot be solved - having to do with multithreading and pointers becoming invalid at the moment of attempting to use them.

The other issue looks to be an infinite loop in one of the cell-checking functions. I've stripped down all our cell checkers and combined them into a single function. I also optimized this function to run more correctly. Hopefully, this will help resolve that issue.

I still need people to report what they were doing at the time of any crash on any of the servers. I have not received a single message from any player about what they were doing so I cannot resolve it.

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Bad Ash has been getting a stack error in the motion generator.

There's obviously some creature on there that has a bad motion script so I really need players to tell me what they were doing just before the crashes. I can't fix it if I don't know what the problem is...the error log stack doesn't go back far enough to catch where the problem originated because it is looping infinitely and the thread hang detector dumps the server.

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