Update Malfunction 
There was a minor error in the last update that caused DA to crash repeatedly. It has been resolved for all builds.

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Late night update. 
Rebuilding the core on all realms.

* Glyph of Mind Flay fixed
* Twisted Faith fixed
* Arcane Power workaround
* Fixed reporting of achievements with HIDDEN flag
* Rewrote the summon for Snake traps
* Quest: The Gift That Keeps On Giving - added core implementation
* Lightwell spells and effects adjusted
* Glyph of Starfire fixed
* Raging Spirit fixed
* Implemented Spell Effect Redirect Threat (Misdirection, Tricks of the Trade, etc)
* Blood Boil - added bonus for diseased targets
* Glyph of Shadow Word: Death fixed
* Fixed Auras with mod duration effect displaying incorrectly
* Spiritual Attunement overheal fixed
* Implemented Quest condition "NOITEM/ITEM_WITH_BANK"
* Implemented Timed Achievements and reporting
* BOA items will now ignore reputation requirements at use (checked at purchase).
* Implemented Aura Mod Dodge Percent reporting
* Implemented Achievement "Highest Personal/Team Rating"
* Fixed totem animation at normal unsummon.
* Item loot now stored in DB and properly tracked
* Implemented KnockBack Opcode to properly display knockback effects to surrounding players
* Fixed rogue Hunger for Blood.
* Removed unnecessary checks for player loading/saving nolock errors.
* Fixed an issue where Raid No-Lock id's were not being taken into account when re-entering an instance and locking players
* Readjusted fix for Warstomp and other PBAoEs
* Removed DK AP scaling from Ghouls (part 2)
* Floor Z collision detection in ICC Throne adjusted
* Relocate to homebind if no Relocation found for reset instance - prevent reset exploit.
* Also, dozens of minor proc spell fixes and updated DK pet levelstats.

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Not quite sure why but it seems the dev updates to objectguids (Player/Unit/etc) caused charcustomize and charrename to cease to function. I reverted the changes to the file that holds those functions and it seems to have fixed it. Wasn't a major change anyway shrug. I'm just not sure why it doesn't work...

Oh well, it's been recompiled and reloaded on all realms. I ran a customization on Idiotdk (my DA admin character) and it worked fine.

Note: I goofed up the Revision names so now all servers are "Dark Ash 3.3.5a" (Dark Ash is where the core is revisioned and updated before moving to the linux box). Not a big deal, it will be fixed on next restart.

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All realms restarted. 
Restarted all the realms with the updates below.

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Couple more fixes 
I pushed in a few more fixes at the last minute:

* Fix for War Stomp and other similar PBAoE type spells
* Lich King updates: FD removed from all players at Frostmourne cast, cleaned up Menethil's Resurrection casting after Frostmourne, adjusted the Z axis fix for charge/leap/teleport spells and npcs while in Throne room.
* Several more crash fixes (preemptive)
* Removed AP scaler for Risen Ghouls using DKs AP.
* Warrior T10 2/4p set bonuses
* Several updates to minor visual effects
* Added scripts for a few dozen Escort quests.

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Next update 
Got the next build compiling.

* Combat log crash fix
* Rewrite of object handler system
* ACE rebuild to solve queue stack overflows
* Glyph of Guardian Spirit
* Server side combo point checks
* Heroic item flags and gems properly displaying
* Missing script/gossip texts for some raid bosses (Ulduar and ICC mainly)
* Dalaran anti-flight aura removed
* Map grid crash fix
* AddNewAura crash fix for redirect threat spells.
* Map loaded crash fix
* Rockbiter weapon spell updated
* Glyph of Steady Shot
* Updated corpse despawn times
* Fixed bug with quest completion in some cases
* Fixed a couple false anti-cheat reports
* Updated base reputation gain checks
* Implement Disarm Shield/Ranged aura types
* Fix to secondary effect of Warbringer (Allow intervene while rooted - which procs root removal effect)

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Well, chest loot system was a bust...it's just too old to get working on the new core and too badly written. It would take more than it's worth to fix considering we only have 1 raid chest from end-game dungeons that it would be used for.

Replacing the chest with an npc that will spawn and die at the end of Valithria's event.

Valithria Loot Holder
<Loot Me>

Cores are currently rebuilding with reverting chest loot patch. Currently testing the place holder chest replacement on Test.

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Upcoming build 
Next build is on it's way to compiling now.

It includes:
* Fix for Group loot rules on Chests (Masterloot, etc)
* Outdoor PvP area events (Capture flags/points and all that)
* ICC Dungeons and Raid scripts 90% completed - Many many updates.
* Ulduar scripts 90% completed (with portals to most areas) - Many many updates.
* DK Temp ghoul summons and other various summon fixes
* DK Ghoul spell cooldowns fixed
* Warrior Charge abilities now using blink height to prevent falling through the floor. Will automatically fall back on original method if invalid.
* Hallow's End Candy Buckets will now actually have Candy in them.
* Friendly Citizens will be back to cause some Trickery soon.
* Freezing Arrow fixed
* Glyph of Howling Blast fixed
* Fixed a small bug in the damagetaken portion of the Armory character feed.

Still pending:
* Elemental Totem pet scripts
* Force of Nature pet stats
* Snake Trap pet scripts
* ICC spell core implementations (Some spells cast but do nothing)

Having some issues getting pet scripts to build on the new core.

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Update - Outdoor PvP and Raid No-Locks 
Added Outdoor PvP system to the test realm for all Outdoor PvP areas. Going to leave this run for a bit before moving it to the live realms. Please be sure to send me a PM on the forums with any missing data (be specific).

Also restarted All realms to fix bug with Raid/Player No-Locks. They will now function as they should.

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Next Update 
Build is out on all realms


* Flight paths are now instant teleports to destination. This is to combat an error in the flightpathing code from core devs and may change back later.
* ICC, Ruby Sanctum, and Ulduar are now all fully scripted.
* Hit/Miss ratings are now to 3.3.5a retail specs. Be aware 4.0.1 changes this so data you find online may be inaccurate for our version.
* Anti-cheat will no longer autoban. It will kick and report to our custom database which we will review periodically.
* Added many more Relic procs.
* Fixed the remaining core crashes.
* XP Eliminator NPC now working as it should.

Outdoor PvP will be released in the coming week barring any unforeseen issues.

On a side note: My wife wore two different shoes to work today and texted me a photo of it. It was pretty f-ing hilarious. I don't think I've laughed that hard in a long time. The issue is compounded by the fact she works with mentally unstable clients.

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